Try this moisturiser hack for softer skin in half the time

Try this moisturiser hack for softer skin in half the time

It’s hard enough to find time to work, socialise, exercise, catch up on episodes of The Crowns and do a decent skin care routine twice a day, let alone adding head-to-toe moisturising into the mix.

But while we can’t reduce your work hours or attend your gym classes for you, we can offer you a speedy moisturising hack to guarantee smoother skin in half the time. 

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We understand complaining about having to moisturise seems like a total  ‘first-world problem’, however, the struggle of standing on cold bathroom tiles with no clothes on is REAL. 

Not to mention the time it takes waiting for the moisturiser to absorb before you can get dressed again. 

But while avoiding hypothermia is important, so is having year-round soft and smooth skin. 

The good news is, you can now have one without the other (yes, that means soft skin without the hypothermia and…. hypothermia without the soft skin?). 

Moving right along, shall we? 

As it turns out, you can now ditch the time-consuming step of completely drying off from your shower before applying your moisturiser. How, what and why? Because moisturising your limbs while they’re  still damp will actually lock in the moisture more effectively. And when it comes to speeding up the waiting period, rubbing moisturiser into damp skin rather than dry takes half the time to absorb. 

Here’s some nourishing body moisturisers we love for the job: Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Lotion, Dove Essential Nourishment Body Milk, Skinbox Jiggle Free Lotion

And, to do you one better, these ‘in-shower moisturisers’ can be used before you even step out of your steamy comfort: NIVEA In-Shower Rich Body Lotion, Sensori+ Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Shower Oil Toowoomba Carnival 4350, Jergens Wet Skin® Moisturiser with Hydrating Coconut Oil 

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Have you tried this moisturiser trick before? If not, will you?

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  1. Im not really noticing the drop in temp as yet Hayley We do have the wind though which is concernign me a little as I have a dead tree that im worried will come crashing down. If it does its going to most likely fall on the neighbours patio roof. My guy cant get here until Thursday to chop it down so i hope it holds in there.

  2. But then you’re standing there wet with moisturiser on. Do you keep standing there waiting for the water to evaporate or can you use a towel? The towel is going to get moisturiser all over it. This method doesn’t make sense to me, especially if you’re cold.

  3. My husband always gets on me about not drying every last drop of water off after my shower but I keep telling him it’s all part of the plan! Not only is it easier to apply body oils or creams with those remaining water droplets, but it’s better for you.

    As soon as I started reading the article though, I thought about those in-shower moisturisers and was hoping they were a distant memory. If you wouldn’t apply anything else and it’s that or nothing, I guess it’s better to use that than nothing at all. But I shake my head wondering who thought that was any kind of time saver or short cut. Same effort, same amount of time, just doing it in the shower instead of out. I’d even argue you’re adding time in terms of the addition shower cleaning requirement.

  4. I wear contacts so nothing goes on my hands before I’ve put my lenses in. Then I always start with my face products so that I don’t have to wash eg a body product off my hands first before doing my face. This all means that I’m either dry or wet and cold by the time I’m ready to moisturise my body.

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