Is it safe to mix skin care brands? Here’s what experts say

Is it safe to mix skin care brands? Here’s what experts say

Do you mix your skin care brands? We’re betting yes. But if you’re mixing skin care brands, you should probably be doing so mindfully. As anyone who’s savvy with skin care will tell you, your skin care routine is often a delicate balance – which means you should try to avoid throwing too many spanners into the works. And mixing skin care brands? That’s a spanner.

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But before you freak out and commit to a minimalist, one-brand-only skin care routine for life, Angelica from Victoria has asked beautyheaven all about mixing skin care brands. And luckily, Matty Samaei, a Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner has answered. Long story short: it is safe to mix skin care brands. Just be smart about it…

“There was an article a little while ago about mixing skin care products and ”¨how it’s okay if you know what you’re doing – but I don’t! How can I mix products?” Angelica asks. “Because I’ve found that I don’t like a single skin care line, I’ll like some bits and use them, but not the rest. I have to be careful because I have sensitive skin, so is there a way I can mix without having a bad reaction?’”

“There is no problem with mixing skin care products from different skin care lines,” says Matty. “That is what all skin care specialist and experts do. As long as the products are working for you and your skin is not reacting negatively to these products, you can use a cleanser from one brand with a toner and moisturiser from another.

“The best way to mix different skin care ranges without having a negative reaction is to introduce one brand at a time and see how your skin reacts to it. For example, start with a cleanser first for few days, if everything goes well then introduce the toner, then a few days later, the moisturiser. That way if your skin reacts to any of the skin care lines you know which one it is.

“Also be careful with products that contain active ingredients such as vitamin A or AHA; they do wonders for your skin, but make sure you introduce these products after you have a good basic skin care routine and secondly, one active product at a time.”

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