How to minimise hair thinning

How to minimise hair thinning

Have you ever experienced abnormal hair loss? It’s most likely down to age, genetics or one or more of your lifestyle choices. Hey, it’s more common than you think, and there are ways to minimise the damage. With the help of Advangen scientist Joseph Haklani, let’s find out how to turn your thinning hair woes around.


One of the best kept secrets to healthy hair is a balanced diet. Yes, really! “Crash dieting can deprive the body of essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth,” explains Joseph. Just like the rest of your body, when your hair doesn’t get the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it needs to thrive, it starts wreaking havoc on your hair’s growth phase during the hair cycle. This is known as Telogen Effluvium, a condition which forces your hair to move into the resting phase prematurely. So to lose hair at a regular rate (around 100 strands a day), it’s important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.


Did you know thinning hair isn’t always linked to the loss of whole strands? Some hair loss is actually the result of breakage. When your hair is thinning, it’s vulnerable, and if you don’t care for it properly, you risk exacerbating the issue even more. “Thinning hair is often fragile, and more loosely anchored in the scalp,” says Joseph. “It’s important to avoid excessive hair pulling, breakages and treatments that can damage the integrity of the hair.” Our advice? Take a gentle approach. Try not to tug or pull at your hair, opt for snag-free elastic bands, use a detangling comb to brush out knots, and squeeze excess water out of your strands after washing rather than rubbing a towel all over your head. It’s also vital to invest in high-quality heat styling tools and use a heat protectant spray before styling.


Finally, the worst thing you can do for thinning hair is ignoring it! Act fast to treat the problem for your best chance at promoting regular, healthy hair growth. Tackle the issue of hair loss with the évolis hair loss treatments, which have been clinically proven to regulate hair growth and minimise thinning by keeping your hair in the growing phase for longer. The évolis treatments are formulated for both men and women, and feature botanical extracts to encourage thicker healthier hair growth.  

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Ignoring abnormal hair loss because it’s a taboo topic or you’re too afraid to address the issue can result in irreparable damage. As soon as you notice signs of thinning, consult your GP or dermatologist for professional advice.

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