Michael Klim’s ultimate skin care guide for men

Michael Klim’s ultimate skin care guide for men

Men have never been more interested in skin care than they are right now, and Michael Klim has firsthand experience with how much they’ve changed their attitude to grooming over the last 10 years since launching his skin care range Milk & Co.

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The Olympic champion and dad-of-three sat down with beautyheaven to urge men who are still stealing their girlfriends’ products to stop and follow his simple but effective tips for keeping their skin in the best condition possible.  

How far have Aussie men come when it comes to grooming and looking after their skin?

Aussie men have come a long way when it comes to grooming. Initially guys would never, ever use a face wash and scrub, and now they’re our best-selling products. Within 10 years, its gone from being ranked at the bottom to being our best seller, so it obviously proves that guys know about skin care routine, they look after their skin. It’s a very competitive world out there, so they’re doing everything possible from exercise, skin care routine to make themselves the best.

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Why did you start your own skin care range for men?

Well I started my own skin care range for a couple of reasons. One of them [being] I was always swimming in chlorinated pools, swimming outdoors and I was exposed to the UVA and UVB rays, so I always had an incidental insight into looking after my skin. I was actually approached by a couple of brands to do some promotional work for them and I thought well maybe there is something in that, maybe I should start my own … I decided to take the plunge and create my own skin care brand.

What’s the the biggest mistake men make when it comes to looking after their skin and how can they fix it?

I think the biggest mistake is that they actually shy away from it. A lot of guys don’t have any products, they actually don’t research it very well … they don’t realise that simple things can really make their skin so much better.

What are your ultimate do’s and don’ts when it comes to skin care for guys?

For me, the most important do’s would be to have a moisturiser with SPF15. I think SPF is probably the best anti-ageing ingredient you can have in skin care, so I would say to any guy out there, make sure you have that as your staple. It’s making sure you do your research. Don’t just use products that are in your girlfriend’s cupboard! You can get some great products out there that are designed for men and can be really effective, so don’t just use whatever you see.

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What does your skin care routine look like?  

It’s pretty simple. I try and wash my face as often as I can, so morning and night. I’m obviously used to face moisturiser with SPF15, sunscreen as well is important for me [with] living in Bali part time. Try and keep it really simple. The whole thing with the Milk & Co range is that it’s not really regimented too much. Guys produce 30 per cent more oil on their skin [than women] so we’re trying to encourage them to wash it off. We have a face wash and scrub which is ideal for removing that extra skin and oil, then moisturising. Those two things should be enough. But we also have great shaving cream, sunscreens, etc but those would be my favourite two things I do.

Watch the full interview with Michael Klim above and tell us what products your partner uses to keep his skin in good condition.

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