3 ways to use micellar water


Micellar water is one of the most versatile beauty products you can find! It doesn’t just remove stubborn make-up and cleanse the skin but it also soothes redness, moisturises and protects the skin. In the video above and detailed below, the bh team share three ways they like to use the multitasking NIVEA Gentle Caring Micellar Water.

#1: To cleanse daily

bh’s Caitlin uses micellar water to cleanse her face every day. Micelles, which are tiny molecules in the formula, work to attract dirt and make-up like a magnet, making it such an effective, one-step cleanse. She simply squeezes some NIVEA Micellar Water onto a cotton pad and massages all over her face in small circular motions. And there’s no need to rinse it off. Perfect for lazy gals!

#2: To remove eye make-up

It’s rare that bh’s Anna will head for a night out without applying multiple coats of mascara. So, she needs a product that will easily take off her eye make-up in the early hours of the morning with the least amount of effort. That’s why she loves micellar water. All she needs to do is soak a cotton pad with it and hold it over her closed eye for a couple of seconds, and then wipe away her eye make-up. The micellar water is powerful enough that Anna doesn’t need to rub her eyes, meaning they don’t get sore or irritated.

#3: To soothe skin

bh’s Rosie has sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, so she tries to avoid harsh products that can make it even worse or leave her face feeling tight and dry. Rosie’s been using NIVEA Micellar Water to soothe this irritation and tightness and has found the formula to be really gentle and cooling. It also contains dexpanthenol and grape seed oil, which help to moisturise the skin and protect its natural barrier, so it never feels like it’s drying out the face.

Did you know micellar water could do all this? What do you use micellar water for?

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