Merry Christmas from bh!


Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas, beauties!  

We hope that wherever you are, you’re enjoying the magic of Christmas with family, friends and loved ones.

And just to spread around a little more Christmas cheer, the bh team have shared their family Xmas traditions. Carols in the morning? Sure! Cricket on the beach? Why not! And of course, how could we forget the delicious feasts!

However you decide to spend today, make sure it’s a special one full of fun and laughter.

What’s your family Christmas tradition?

“All the ladies in the family bake delicious goods! This year I’m making peanut butter choc brownies :).” – bh’s Vanessa

“We open gifts at the crack of dawn (yes, even now as adults) and celebrate with Christmas carols and a Champagne breakfast. In the afternoon, we usually play a game of beach cricket and gobble down Mum’s delicious pavlova.” – bh’s Astrid

“We have one of those streets where everyone goes over the top with Christmas lights (I’m talking mechanical reindeer and baby Jesus tableau in the front yard). So every Christmas Eve we stock up on eggnog, spiked of course, and walk the streets looking at the pretty lights.” – bh’s Kim

“Christmas lunch always involves silly hats and terrible jokes from Christmas crackers, Bing Crosby Christmas carols, lots of delicious meats, wine and salads, and a heaped bowl of trifle to top it off!” – bh’s Rosie

“We have a few family traditions (my mum is obsessed with Christmas). She made an advent calender when we were little (it looks like a quilt that hangs on the wall) and it has buttons for each day which have mini presents hanging on them. Every third day of December is our present day (my sister is red, my brother is green and I am gold wrapping). None of us live at home anymore but we still hang it. We always have croissants with jam and butter for breakfast. You can go through your Santa sack as soon as you wake up, but all other gifts have to be when the entire family is ready. We play ridiculous board games like Articulate into the early hours of the morning. It gets competitive.” – bh’s Sam

“We open gifts right on the clock of Christmas at 12am on the dot, with Christmas carols blaring in the background and we have to take a picture of each person with their gifts. Only one present is to be opened at a time, everyone gets their turn with everyone watching.” – bh’s Lizzie

“Coming from England traditionally I celebrate with a cold cosy Christmas – wooly jumpers, mulled wine and turkey with all the trimmings! My family are visiting this year so we’ll be having a typical Aussie one – beach, BBQ and a bucket full of ice cold beers. It doesn’t quite feel the same… but I can’t wait!” – bh’s Kate

“On Christmas Eve we watch carols, drink Pimms and have a pre-Christmas feast – it prepares us for the food coma to come the following day!” – bh’s Aja

“We get up early and scoff coffee and croissants while opening our pressies – we usually do a Kris Kringle so you never know what you’re going to get!” – bh’s Beth

“We wake up, realise we’re Jewish, remember that gift-giving (of the non-food variety) and alcohol consumption isn’t in our cultural heritage – and so we just go to yum cha instead ;-)” – bh’s Debbie

“The family (kids and grandkids) all spend the night at our parents’ family home so we can wake up there with all our presents – just like when we were kids! Presents are opened one at a time, we all take turns in giving and receiving gifts. We call it the present ceremony!” – bh’s Bree

What are your family Christmas traditions?

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