4 Steps Every Man Should Have In His Skin Care Routine (But Probably Doesn’t)

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When it comes to men’s skin care (and their beauty routines in general), a large majority like to keep it as simple and minimal as possible. 

We’re sure you’ve probably encountered someone who’s happy using their 3-in-1 wash (hair, face, body) and nothing else. Our personal favourite? The ones who pat water onto their faces whenever they feel dry and tight. It’s one way to hydrate… we guess?

The thing is, there are plenty of great men’s (and unisex) skin care options out there. And it doesn’t have to be a 10-step routine either; just a few additions can go a long way. 

So if he’s seemed semi-interested watching you layer serums, here are some basic men’s skin care steps to turn him onto…

An exfoliating cleanser

If he’s going to semi-regularly wash his face, make it worth it with an exfoliating cleanser. A formula featuring AHAs will help to slough away dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother. It’ll also help to encourage fresh, new skin cells, which in turn can rebalance the skin.

Sukin Naturals Purely Ageless Micro-Exfoliating Cleanser, $15 at Woolworths 

A moisturiser with SPF

When it comes to men’s skin care, moisturiser is definitely the most under utilised. And whether his skin is dry, oily or both, we’d put money on the majority of his issues subsiding with some regular hydration. As for skin protection, nothing beats SPF50+. That’s why the Natio For Men SPF 50+ Face Moisturiser is such a gem. In fact, it’s so good it won ‘Best Men’s Skincare Product’ in our Best in Beauty Awards.

The great thing about it is that it’s fast-absorbing and doesn’t have that greasy after-feel (a common complaint about moisturiser and sunscreen from most men). It’ll nourish his skin, offer broad spectrum sun protection, and will dry quickly enough for him to continue using it each morning.

Natio For Men SPF 50+ Face Moisturiser, $17.95 at Myer

Beard balm

If he’s clean shaven, skip to the next step. If he’s a beard brother, let’s not neglect half of his face. A beard oil will provide hydration, soften and tame his facial hair, while delivering a hit of moisture to the skin underneath. Even if you can only convince him to use it post-beard trim, the transformation from rough and scratchy to gentle and soft will be a win for you both.

Urbane Mess Beard Oil, $9 at Woolworths

Hand cream

You bet we’re extending the idea of men’s skin care to his fists. Even if he doesn’t have a hands-on job that sees them getting roughed about, the constant sanitising over the past few years will have left his knuckles as jagged as a cheese grater we bet. Leave one by his bed or in his car to encourage some decorum.

HANDSOME Antibacterial Hand Cream, $15.95 at ha.ndso.me

P.S. If you’ve landed here in the hopes of decking out an entire new routine just for him, perhaps a new cologne will help sweeten the deal (it does seem to be the one thing they DO use). bh recommends: Nautica Voyage Heritage Eau de Toilette Spray ($19.99 down from $69 at Chemist Warehouse).

Is there a man in your life who needs a skin care routine?

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  1. I like some of the men’s products like Handsome and Charles and Lee. I just like the woody scents that tend to not be in women’s products. It seems to be taking off, men looking after their skin and hair more.

  2. I convinced my ex to purchase and use a Clarisonic at one stage. He started forming a skincare routine when we were together. I like to think he still keeps it up (we haven’t spoken in years so I have no idea).

  3. Hubby uses SPF50+ sunscreen on his face, neck and arms every single day. He started using my moisturisers at night so I set up a box of products for him to use so he doesn’t take mine.

  4. My male housemates just used to use all my products. Sometimes Id get so annoyed when they were using expensive cleanser like it was cheap hand wash. Go easy on that buddy, you don’t need to use an entire bottle of cleanser to wash your face once.

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