Masterchef’s Melissa Leong reveals the secrets to her radiant skin


If you now refer to Masterchef as The Melissa Leong show, we are right there with you. While we love the spectacular desserts and high pressure cooking challenges, there is nothing quite like seeing the confident, warm and ultra-intelligent food writer light up our screens with her spectacular bold lip and complementary radiant skin.  

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With 4:30 AM starts being the new norm for the Channel 10 presenter, Melissa’s morning skin care routine very much prioritises de-puffing and gentle preparation before she hits the makeup chair. Skipping a cleanser, Melissa revealed to TV Week that upon rising she simply uses a “face washer and lukewarm water.”

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Next, “I usually do a round of NuFace; a nifty microcurrent device that helps wake up the skin and banish puffiness around my eyes, which is where my fatigue shows most” she shared, speaking to Bed Threads. To tie her routine up in a nice neat bow, Melissa then applies a serum and SPF containing moisturiser; “I’m using Olay’s vitamin C super serum and whip with SPF”.

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And when it comes to her nighttime routine, Melissa keeps it simple yet effective. “When I get home I double cleanse, then alternate nights using a retinol serum and glycolic-based serum to keep my skin glowing”. Her final step involves adding a “moisturiser on top”, and when she’s feeling in need of an extra boost “sometimes an oil if I need it”.

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But topical beauty products aren’t all Melissa is relying on to maintain her signature glow. Revealing to Bed Threads the products that help to keep her energised (despite her gruelling schedule) Melissa revealed “I’m big on vitamin supplements” in particular, vitamin B, C and D, plus magnesium and zinc.

She credits  these ingestible goodies for helping her to “recover from burnout”. If you’ve been wanting to give these vitamin-boosting supplements a go, some of our favourites include Swisse Ultiboost Zinc+  and Kynd Magnesium Bio 1200.

Main image credit: @fooderati

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  1. I was just researching Olay before this article came up! I have used it in the past, and I was very happy with it. It’s HALF PRICE this week on Coles and Priceline, so I’m thinking I might stock up!

  2. Ha, same. Acids and retinol make skin glow for sure! Atm using acid toner (7%) and random retinols from stash. Same , warm water in the morning only. No supplements, as I get all goods from food and plenty! She is gorgeous!

  3. The Olay Miracle Pre Essence is awesome and Ive been using it for years. I always wait until there is a half price sale at Coles, Woolies or Priceline and thats when I stock up.

  4. I haven’t watched Masterchef in years. I’m a fan of Olay products, but every so often I find one that doesn’t agree with me. I might try doing the alternate night serum though.

  5. MasterChef not MKR, the nice and friendly show not the one where the contestants are mean to each other.
    She is so lovely, she has so much heart and empathy for the contestants.
    All the judges do.

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