Melanie Grant Shares Her Three Skin Care Tips For Surviving Winter

Melanie Grant Shares Her Three Skin Care Tips For Surviving Winter

As the saying goes: the things we love often hurt us the most. Those precious winter mornings spent under a piping hot shower? Stripping the moisture from your skin. Cosy movie nights sitting a little too close to the heater? Intensely dehydrating. Throw in the lack of humidity that comes with winter and it can feel as though our skin has no choice but to remain dry, dehydrated and irritated until spring rolls around.

Well, there’s only one thing that can save us. And no, it’s not introducing cold showers. Our winter skin saviour is the one and only, Melanie Grant. The celebrity facialist (who looks after the famous faces of Zoë Foster Blake and Rosie Huntington Whiteley) has offered her tips for tweaking your regimen to keep your skin healthy this winter.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Melanie Grant’s winter skin survival tips

Focus on hydration…

It might sound obvious but here’s a friendly reminder to reach for products that are bursting with hydrating heavy-hitters such as hyaluronic acid, squalene and glycerin.

“Moving into the cooler months, I like to tweak my skin care routine so that it’s aligned with the seasonal shifts by adding in nourishing, hydrating ingredients to keep [my] skin dewy and glowing even when the temperature drops,” Melanie told Courier Mail

“Keeping a hydrating mist on your desk and topping up as needed is another great way to offset the drying effects of air conditioning and keep your skin quenched and plump throughout the day,” she explained.

One of our faves? The Ultraceuticals Ultra Hydrating Skin Mist ($69, Ultraceuticals).

Introduce an oil…

Melanie isn’t suggesting you scrap your moisturiser altogether, but complementing it with a nourishing face oil will work to prevent further moisture loss and lock in hydration. 

She noted, “incorporating a face oil, rich in essential fatty acids, is a great way to support barrier function and keep your summer face cream working throughout winter by boosting its nutrient density and moisturising properties.” 

bh loves: Ipsum’s Best Skin Nourishing Face Oil ($45, Ipsum)


Address your summertime qualms…

Does time in the sun tend to flare up pigmentation or age spots? If the answer is yes, Melanie suggests using winter as an opportunity to rejuvenate and repair your skin.

“Winter is also a great time to schedule courses of corrective treatments like Picoway, SRA (Skin Rejuvenation Advance) to address pigment from the summer, and re-texturising treatments like Sublative and Collagen Induction, where you can afford the social downtime indoors,” she said.

Regular use of an LED mask like the Omnilux Face Contour ($590, Beauty Science) will also work in fading discolouration, reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production. Plus, you don’t even have to leave your house.

Oh and whatever you do, don’t forget to wear an SPF! We are loving the Banana Boat Everyday Sensitive SPF 50+($15.49, Amazon) for year-round protection.

Main image credit: @melaniegrantskin

What do you think of Melanie’s winter skin tips? Will you be trying any of these?

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  1. As someone who has traditionally had fairly oily skin, I’ve just introduced a creamier moisturiser for winter with a bit more oil in it, and it’s a godsend! Granted my skin is very dehydrated too these days so it’s really helpful in winter 🙂

  2. Some really great tips here. I have been enjoying using jojoba oil on my face this winter and I also am a big believer in hydrating from the inside out and drink plenty of water all year round.

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