The Medicine Cabinet Products We’re Constantly Snatching For Our Beauty Bags

The Medicine Cabinet Products We’re Constantly Snatching For Our Beauty Bags

Collating your entire beauty bag from inside a drugstore isn’t a new concept. Before international shipping and Chemist Warehouse were a thing, a trip to France was never complete without a visit to the pharmacy to stock a suitcase full of skin care products. More recently, our very own Aussie pharmacies have transformed into a one-stop-shop for any skin care, makeup and fragrance needs. Even so, there’s still one relatively untapped spot that holds even more beauty essentials: your trusty medicine cabinet. 

We’ve all got one, and chances are yours is currently stocked full of handy bits and bobs that you might want to permanently borrow for your beauty kit…

ViraproX Lip Balm

Despite the fact that the Virapro X Lip Balm has been marketed to target cold sores and sunburn, it doesn’t mean you should wait until you’re in a bind before reaching for it. This SPF30 formula might not come in an impressive, shiny, twist-up tube, but it will keep your lips soft and supple like no other.

“I like to apply this at night before bed and I usually wake up to my lips feeling much less chapped/cracked and much softer.” – XClaudia

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Manicare Baby Safety Scissors

Whether you’re trimming a bandage or the nails of your kids, these Baby Safety Scissors are typically found in the bottom of a medicine box or sitting on that miscellaneous shelf. However, if your household can spare it, we recommend keeping one of these in your beauty bag for trimming your false lashes (like the Glam by Manicare 52. Emily Mink Effect Lashes or the Eylure Luxe Faux Mink Lashes – Solitaire) to the perfect length.

“They are great and gentle for cutting baby nails that are still soft when they are so newborns especially as it is hard to use clippers so these are brilliant.” – ThisIsMe

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$7.69, Chemist Warehouse

Swisspers® Cotton Squares

If you are a daily user of micellar water, toner, chemical exfoliant or even nail polish remover, these strong pads will effectively hold product without breaking apart and causing any mess.

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$6.99, Chemist Warehouse

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Nappy rash, chafing and minor burns? Vaseline! Dry lips, taming baby hairs, setting your brows and highlighting your cheekbones? Vaseline!

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$4.49, Chemist Warehouse

Band-Aid Clear Spots

According to celebrity makeup artist, Nikki DeRoest, applying a dab of Vaseline and then using one of the Band-Aid Clear Spots as a pimple patch is a blemish-busting hack.

$4.49, Chemist Warehouse

Numit Numbing Cream

This numbing ointment is perfect for taking the edge off a mildly superficial medical procedure like a tattoo or vaccination. However, we also recommend keeping a tube of Numit close if you’re a regular user of laser hair removal or plan on trying your hand at skin needling.

“At my first appointment I came to realise that the laser process is excruciating so I was recommended to use this Numit numbing cream to take the edge off the pain and that exactly what it does. It didn’t take the pain away from the laser but it certainly made it more bareable for me.” – Izzy09

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$11.49, Chemist Warehouse


These 99.9 per cent purified water wipes are strong, absorbent and gentle enough to be used on the delicate skin of a baby. If you’re accident prone and are often cleaning up grazes, chances are you’ll have a packet of these lying around the house. As for beauty, we love using these wipes for our palms when we’re fake tanning, or as an emergency makeup remover while we’re on the go.

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$7.49, Chemist Warehouse


You see nappy rash ointment, we see the greatest lip balm of all time. Do yourself a favour.

$11, Woolworths

Main image credit: @nomibis

Do you borrow any beauty products from your medicine cabinet? If so, which ones?

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  1. I have a 1st aid kit, that’s the closest thing to a medicine cabinet I guess?. But it’s pretty boring stuff, bandaids and bandages etc. I like the look of those square pads though.

  2. I keep cotton balls, cotton buds & Vaseline for beauty & first-aid.

    I was expecting to see haemorrhoid cream on this list – I’ve heard that many use it on their under-eye bags, lol!

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