Martha Kalifatidis Says This Is ‘Hands Down’ The Best Cleanser She’s Ever Used

Martha Kalifatidis Says This Is ‘Hands Down’ The Best Cleanser She’s Ever Used

Have you ever discovered a beauty product that is superior to anything else you’ve tried? If the answer is yes, what did you do with that discovery? Did you keep it a secret? If so, we understand. We’ve all felt the urge to keep a banger beauty find to ourselves.  Unless, of course, you’re Martha Kalifatidis, who shares a brilliant makeup tip, drugstore gem or must-have product whenever she gets the chance.

Her latest recommendation? The Dr. Naomi Skin Gently Gently Balancing Cleanser ($49, Dr Naomi), which Martha claimed during an Instagram Q&A as being “hands down the best cleanser I’ve ever used.”

What can we expect from the Balancing Cleanser?

Described online by Dr. Naomi Skin as being “sweet as pie to sensitive skins,” the gentle formula is effective in the removal of stubborn makeup while simultaneously soothing any signs of irritation or redness. The nourishing cleanser has been crafted with no nasties but packed full of skin-nourishing ingredients like the K-Beauty hero cica, which strengthens sensitive skin.

Joining cica is the all-star ingredient niacinamide which ticks off everything from fighting pigmentation and congestion, to minimising pore size, and brightening and hydrating the skin. Plus, as with every Dr. Naomi skin care product, the formula has been built with the brand’s signature “Brightening Cocktail” which includes a unique blend of high performing actives to improve the skin’s clarity and restore luminosity and sparkle. All this and still sitting under $50? It sounds pretty good to us.

If you haven’t already, may we also recommend the Dr Naomi Skin Catfish ($89, Dr Naomi)? This blurring eye cream formula took home the Best New Eye Product at the 2022 Glosscar Awards.

“I absolutely love this product! It is so silky and smooth and makes my eyes feel fantastic. I use it in the morning and night and I have noticed an improvement already around my eye area.” – CrystalP

“I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about this product. The innovative little dispenser is unlike anything I have ever used before. I loved this product for use during the day. Particularly under makeup as I noticed it gave a slight blurring affect and smoothed out any lines and creases instantly! I was truly impressed.” – Doglover101

Main image credit: @marthaa_k

Do you have a favourite cleanser? If so, what is it?

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  1. No idea who she is.I use an Elucent anti ageing cleanser which I first received years ago as part of a trial team with some other products. Have continued to purchase their range since as it has definately improved the look of my skin.

  2. It might be good for a celebrity ( who most of us haven’t heard of ) that can afford it, but $49 is too much for a product that’s going to be on your face for around a minute. I will stick to my $10 – $15 cleansers that work really well.

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