The favourite male products used by bh’s other halves

The favourite male products used by bh’s other halves

My boyfriend’s idea of a beauty regimen used to be wetting his hair with water and styling it with a hat. But ever since I bought him a Braun Series 3 Shaver and his own moisturiser (after he kept pinching mine) he almost spends as long as I do in the bathroom. It’s true that some men may struggle a tad when it comes to the concept of beauty products not just being for girls, but once you point them in the right direction they may wonder how they ever lived without them. A few members of the bh team took note of their man’s favourite beauty products and it turns out that they’re not as caveman as you might think.

The amount of times I’ve walked into our bathroom and found Nathan with puppy dog eyes, holding an empty bottle of Natio for Men Sensitive Moisturiser is beyond me. Why do boys always do that? It’s like with toilet paper – they always wait until they run out to get more? Anyway, he’s always so upset when he runs out because since using this moisturiser, he believes his skin doesn’t ‘feel right’ unless he applies it before he starts his day. He loves the way it feels on his skin and he feels as though he’s actively doing something for his skin when he uses it. Seeing me apply four or five lotions twice a day must have him a little insecure, I think!” – bh’s Liv

CLINIQUE Skin Supplies For Men M Gel Lotionis great for sensitive boys. It’s not greasy but great at moisturising, plus rubs in really easily so no faffing for boys who don’t have much time. It also comes in a SPF version, which is great for summer.” -bh’s Nat

My man has sensitive skin and so won’t stray from the Biotherm Homme Aquapower D-Sensitive range. He uses Biotherm Homme Aquapower D-Sensitive Cleanser and Moisturiser morning and night without fail (he’s often even more vigilant with his daily skin care routine than I am!) and the Shave Foam on the days that he shaves. According to him, it’s the only range that doesn’t leave his face “red and blotchy or feeling dry”. Oh and he also likes that it looks ‘manly’ when he has to use it at the gym before work.” bh’s Debbie

Nic is a PDHPE teacher and a part time personal trainer so he always uses NATIO FOR MEN SPF 30+ Face Moisturiser. He loves knowing his face is covered all day from the sun. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave his face looking oily. Nic gets easily annoyed at anything that takes longer than one minute to apply, so it’s perfect for him in his morning rush.” –bh’s Nat.R

Does your man have a beauty routine? What’s his favourite beauty product?

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