Minimise dark spots and fade freckles

27 May 2011 16:38 PM | Posted by Editor
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While a few freckles across the nose can be cute when you’re a kid, as you get older they can tend to become more noticeable – and much less likeable! Likewise, as you age, pigmentation and sun spots become more pronounced, leaving you with a complexion that can look uneven and discoloured.

To help fade dark spots, pigmentation, age spots and freckles – and prevent against future damage – try these tips:

1.) Invest in a spot-targeting skin cream or serum as these are specifically formulated with special active ingredients that work to slow down the melanin production (responsible for producing dark spots) in your skin, therefore ensuring that your dark spots don’t get darker. Generally, they also simultaneously help to brighten and lighten pre-existing dark spots/pigmentation too. Try: Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum.

2.) Always wear an SPF on your face – even if it’s overcast and rainy! UV rays are the number one cause of dark spots, freckles, pigmentation and age spots, so protecting against them is the best way to prevent both the darkening of existing spots, as well as future damage.

3.) If you want to lighten your complexion, look for skin care products containing vitamin C. This will help to slough away dead surface skin cells and in turn make your skin look brighter and more clear. Try: SK-II Cellumination Beauty Essence.

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