Lush Cosmetics’ stunning new beauty campaign

Lush Cosmetics’ stunning new beauty campaign

We thought Gisele Bündchen’s beauty campaign for Chanel was glamorous, but now Lush Cosmetics has blown us away with their totally fresh take on bath time.

Turning the ritual into an art form, the natural brand’s mesmerising new film ‘The Experimenter’ features a montage of their products immersed in water.  

Reflecting the brands’ fresh, handmade approach to beauty, it shows the products dispersing in striking patterns and is accompanied by an equally uplifting soundtrack.

With the array of colours on display, it’s hard to believe they’re made predominantly from fresh organic fruit and vegetables and essential oils.

Thanks, Lush, for ensuring we never look at a bath bomb the same way again!

What do you think of Lush’s new campaign? Are you a fan of Lush products?

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