Work your Monday mojo

Work your Monday mojo

Okay, so none of us really want to deal with Monday, but face it we must. So we might as well do it looking potent, powerful and rocking a great hair day. With a little forethought, you can even still squeeze in some extra zzzs in the morning; working your Monday magic begins on Sunday night.

Closing out the weekend on the couch gives you the perfect time to apply a beauty mask. And, to really rise and shine on Monday, try doing face and hair masks in sync. L’Occitane Immortelle Cream Mask is great for when the weekend has added years to your skin, and some face time with Montagne Jeunesse Cherry Tonicwill revitalise tired, stressed skin when you’ve really overdone it. Pampering your hair is even easier: just apply your favourite conditioning treatment, pop on a shower cap (go on it’s just you and the cast of Australian Idol) and let softness and Monday-defying shine soak right in.

Yep, in theory Sunday is a day (or at least a night) of rest, so we’re all beginning the week bright eyed and bubbly, right? Uh huh. Gatineau Paris Collagen Eye Treatment Compresses is an eye-enlivening wonder, and a good under eye concealer is essential for faking a full night’s sleep. Dark eye make-up is a no-no if your eyes are heavy, but mascara is a Monday must, giving you the yes-I-am-awake-and-I-am-paying-attention look that won’t get you fired. I guess that double shot espresso probably won’t hurt either…

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