Natural wonder: how to look good without makeup


Ever considered how you’d score on the bare-faced beauty barometer? What’s that, you’d rather wear a paper bag on your head than front the world without your face paint? It’s high time you kicked your cosmetic customs lady and got back to basics. Uncover your natural beauty, break free from your cosmetic chains and get naked!

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The time has come to wow the world without your make-up but we wouldn’t encourage you to expose yourself without the necessary preliminary preening. Here’s our guide to bare naked beauty:

Strip off

A gentle cleanser can do more than just rid the skin of dirt, grease and impurities; it can leave your skin feeling super clean (but not tight) and revitalised. Akin Rose and Geranium Pure Creamy Cleanser & Toner in One is enriched with natural panama bark, shea and olive squalene to freshen and tone even the most sensitive of skins. But don’t just take our word for it. Read your rave reviews…

Buff up

Scrub away dull skin cells with Algoane Intense Radiance Exfoliator. Algae, apricot oil and vitamin E set to work to uncover supple, glowing skin in seconds. But if you favour a less abrasive approach to ditching dull skin, try Dr. LeWinn’s Facial Polishing Gel. Natural jojoba beads give dry, flaky skin the heave ho.

Cover up

A good basic skincare regime can yield such radiant results that you won’t want to mask it with make-up. However, an SPF is a must to guard your new-found glow. Try True Solutions True Total Age Protector SPF 30+ Untinted. It protects against UV rays while caring for the complexion with vegetable glycerin, allantoin and vitamin E.

Highly rated by you is Sunsense Daily Face SPF 30+ (read some rave reviews). Those who don’t dig the greasy feel of sunscreen on their skin will love this. The lightly tinted cream spreads easily and provides a matte finish. Plus, at $13.99 it’s a steal.

Bare-faced blush

Still feeling a little too naked? Boost your self-confidence with a natural shimmer. For a goddess glow apply Natio Liquid Bronzer to the areas of the face that would naturally attract the sun (such as cheekbones, nose and forehead).

Take a look at your fresh-faced, beautiful self.

How confident are you to bare all? 

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  1. Bare faced beauty over here! Haha. I do love make-up but only wear it for special occasions. I do love the way make-up looks and how it makes you feel but I’m really into being as natural as possible with my skin, I definitely put more effort into my skincare than make-up.

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