Longer, lusher lashes

Longer, lusher lashes

Ladies rejoice; now there’s no need to fake it. The luxe lash look that is. (Drag you mind out of the gutter if you were thinking of anything else.)

It’s been confirmed: the company behind the Botox phenomenon (namely turning a muscle paralyser into the BFF of celebs), Allergan, is launching Latisse at the end of this month.

Big deal I hear you cry. Well, yes, actually it is a big deal if you covet the notion of being a flutter fiend. See, Latisse is actually the first approved prescription drug for growing longer, fuller lashes. It came about by longer, thicker lashes being a side effect of patients using Allergan’s eye drops to treat glaucoma.

Costing US$120 for a monthly dose (that’s roughly $180 to you and me), it’s probably less than you’d spend on a month’s worth of Paninis. So as you’d assume, the big guns are expecting big things, literally. David E. I. Pyott, Allergan’s Chief Executive, is predicting long-term, worldwide sales to exceed US$500 million.

It’s so far only available in the US (I know, outrage), but who knows, Botox fast became as ‘normal’ as ordering a mocha-to-go, so who’s to say this won’t grace our shores soon. Here’s hoping.

What do you think ladies, would you be willing to trade in your trusted wand?

Source: www.nytimes.com

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