Shonagh in the City: day five

Shonagh in the City: day five

With only 24 hours left in the city that never sleeps, I’ve never in my life needed Clarins Beauty Flash Balm more. Thanks for being with me on this incredible journey! Your comments have been so amazing, so I’m going to share a few secrets about New York Fashion Week… ”¨”¨

1. A New York minute lasts about 20 seconds, but it will be the most amazing 20 seconds you’ve ever lived. Make sure you pay attention.”¨”¨

2. Patricia Field looks scary, but she’s a pussycat. After the Custo Barcelona Show (which incidentally featured coifed ponytails and nude make-up, save for a swipe of eyeliner) she gleefully posed with me for happy snaps (sorry it’s a bit blurry, it was all such a rush as you can imagine!). Patricia’s made it perfectly OK to walk down the street wearing whatever you like, but all true New Yorkers know it’s all about black and lots of layers.

3. You need to keep your vitamins up. Visit Duane Reade and grab a box of Emergin-C. It’s a powdered vitamin C drink that helps keep you hydrated, energised and less likely to get the flu.

4. In winter, your skin will be sucked dry of its hydration, thanks to extreme temperatures and stuffy heating. Drink more water than you care to think about and pack cosmetics appropriately. Your checklist should include:

* A hydrating balm for lips and cuticles. Try Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream or Trilogy Everything Balm.

* Cuticle Sticks. The city’s pollution quickly gathers under your nails. You will need to clean them daily. Try Cutex Cuticle Sticks.

* A small bottle of antibacterial gel to cleanse your hands after riding the subwayӬ. (Bh recommends:Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser Original).

* Hand Cream to apply afterwards. Try Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment.

* A facial moisturiser that quenches thirsty skin, like Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic Collagen Cream.

5.  Finally… You will see celebrities everywhere.  My list includes:

* Mikhael Baryshnikov, who brushed his hand against mine while taking a chocolate from the bowl in our hotel’s lobby

* Patricia Field – what a wacky, crazy, character!

* Paris and Nicky Hilton – both beautiful in the flesh

* Kim Kardashian – looking like a modern day Snow White

* Tara Reid – I noticed her pooch first (a King Charles Spaniel puppy)

Bye for now! Until next fashion week…

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