The $11 Moisturiser Lisa Wilkinson Uses Every Single Day


Is there a more comforting sight than that of Lisa Wilkinson’s smiling face wrapping up the daily news? In short, no.

And as we’ve grown accustomed to seeing her on our TVs morning and night for countless years, we’ve also grown accustomed to the widely accepted fact that this woman DOES. NOT. AGE.

Lucky for us, she’s not one to keep her cards close to her chest. And just as she shared her tips on how to maintain a body positive mindset, she also recently revealed another nugget of confidence-boosting wisdom; and it comes in the form of an $11 tub of moisturiser from your local supermarket or pharmacy.

Speaking to Now to Love Lisa claims “I absolutely love Cetaphil moisturiser” adding “I buy it in a huge pump pack – I use it all over, every single day.” 

Crediting what goes on to her skin as a large contributing factor to keeping it in such good knick, Lisa also claims that what she’s kept off her skin is likely the most important factor of all. 

Image credit: @lisa_wilkinson

Recounting reading DOLLY magazine at the age of 16, Lisa said she came across some advice that shaped her beauty game forever. “It said there’s no moisturiser in the world that can save you from wrinkles if you spend time in the sun,” she said. 

Excellent and timeless advice if we do say so ourselves. In fact, they really should teach it on your first day of school.

Main image credit: @lisa_wilkinson

Have you tried this moisturiser before? If not, what is your go-to moisturiser?

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  1. I always keep a Cetaphil cleanser in the shower, but I haven’t tried the moisturiser. I love Lisa Wilkinson! She’s dead right about the sun! I wear sunscreen year-round if I leave the house.

  2. She’s gorgeous!! Love her – always thought this lady was special and awesome – right from when I was a young teen and I’d see her mentoring face in Dolly as the editor every month. What a thrill when one of my guy friends at the time (way back in the 80’s!) got a reply from her because of letter he sent in at the time in the questions section of Dolly mag. He was only 14 at the time and now he owns a string of bakery shops that have turned him into a multi millionaire – must’ve been that special caring response effect he got by writing in to Lisa! Yep she’s cool!

  3. I read an article recently (on mamamia, I think?) where Lisa gave the rundown of her beauty routine, which was basically DMK everything and Le Labo Santal 33 perfume. Funny how depending on when you ask you might get a completely different answer. I think most of us switch up our routines quite a lot.

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