Lisa Wilkinson Shares Her Genius Skin Hack For Combatting Redness

Lisa Wilkinson Shares Her Genius Skin Hack For Combatting Redness

Imagine going into the office with red patches on your face. Now imagine your office was the primetime spot on national television six nights a week. Well, that’s the reality for host of The Project, Lisa Wilkinson

However, during the last day of filming for 2021, Lisa’s makeup artist Julie Bekiri introduced her to a game-changing and completely genius hack for combatting unexpected attacks of inflammation.  And as we’ve come to learn, the greatest beauty hacks seem to involve using products in ways they weren’t intended — hello, lip liner smokey eyes

This time around? It’s all about using saline solution or red eye drops to reduce facial redness. Obviously. 

In a side-by-side picture posted to her Instagram, Lisa wrote: “Turning my ‘before’ into an acceptable ‘after’ for the cameras,” along with instructions on how to achieve the same result. 

According to Lisa, this method involves “applying cotton pads soaked in saline solution for 10 to 15 minutes.” And voilà, “no more red”, as written by her makeup artist Julie.

Even though she compared herself to Norman Gunston during the process, the end result of even-toned, luminous skin seems worth it. 

Main image credit: @lisa_wilkinson

Have you ever heard of this skin hack? Will you try it?

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  1. Like to see Lisa’s actual redness! I have a spot of redness near my nose and will give this a go.

    Really enjoying Lisa’s new book atm – very interesting reading – especially growing up in that era and an avid reader of Dolly with Lisa at the helm.

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