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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is a multi-purpose soothing and moisturising jelly that can be used on the body, the face, or the lips. It's effective in soothing nappy rash, skin chaffing, chapped lip, minor burns, and even rough hands and feet.

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Its petroleum jelly, and its upfront and honest

I have to admit that I am not a fan of petroleum based products, but Vaseline gets my tick of approval because it has its main ingredient in its name, so its honest and straight forward. This is a multi use product. Its fine for softening lips- if you dont mind using petroleum jelly on your lips. I also use this to soften rough elbows and use it in winter time on my face to soften it.

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Amazing Classic!

My main use for Vaseline is for my lips. This stuff is AMAZING on my chapped lips. I have the driest lips, especially throughout the winter and Vaseline has gotten me through it for as long as I can remember.

I wear this every night before I go to bed - and it really moisturizes my lips, and it also helps to prevent further cracking.

This is a super affordable product and it's one that I have never been without in my house... the small 50g tub lasts way over a year (even with daily use)!

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by Ivy903.



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Vaseline petroleum jelly - a classic household staple! Been using this when I was a kid. I have used this on chapped lips, winter dry/itchy skin and it works very well. As other reviewers have pointed, this is a bit too greasy to be used on your face. But anywhere from the neck down it's great!

I've seen videos where you can make DIY lip balm using Vaseline jelly and old lipstick leftover. Vaseline is truly a versatile skincare and beauty product

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by stackcats.



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My sister was born with extremely cracked skin - it was so bad that her feet would bleed - this is the only thing that used to soothe her feet and help seal them. It was extremely painful for her as she couldn't even walk on them. This really made a difference after 3 days she would have a dramatic improvement and be moving around slowly. I have seen it in action and in our house it is extremely trusted

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by Himlt.



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Perfect for post surgery

I used this during my recovery from jaw surgery, the hospital reccommend it. My lips were cut, chapped, dry and swollen, the stuff is amazing and helped bring my lips back to normal.

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by kellies36.



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An Oldie but a Goodie

Who doesn't have a tub of this stuff in their bathroom cabinet! It's an all rounder product and I like to use it as a lip balm and on really dry parts of skin!

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by LisOnLife.



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Great when you have a cold

My husbad uses this if he has a cold to help his red, chafed nose from using tissues a lot

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by Amdor9.



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A staple product

Vaseline is great. I like to use it on my lips as a lip balm - it works really well and leaves my lips smooth and soft. I also use it on dry elbows, knees or any dry spots on my body. It also works great on your feet as a barrier when wearing new shoes or when you feel blisters coming on. It's a great versatile product and so affordable!

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by Kathryn729.



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Dry Lips!

I had the worse dry, cracked lips ever, they were so bad, it the skin was peeling and it was bleeding. (omg, ikr)
I had this as i just went on a strong medication and was told this would come. the doctor gave me a small medicated lip balm stick and i was like "uhmm how is this going to help me lol?". He suggested when they start to go dry and so on, i should try petroleum jelly.
Omg worked a treat, when i was at home i would just lather it on my lips and it would help soothe and repair them. i used it everyday and thankgod the size is big or it would be gone in a flash!

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by makeupdiva23.



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Is great for cuts and is like the cheaper of paw paw cream!! any rash any cut chaffed skin vaseline to the rescue!!

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by CosmeticsLover.

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