Lazy locks

Lazy locks

Hello, my name is Olivia, and it’s been 6 months since my last hair trim… There! I said it! (although I hung my head in shame throughout). I feel as though I’m a bit of a fraud, sitting here constantly harping on about tending to your tresses and taking care with your cosmetics, when I have left it far too long to tend to my own wild mane.

You see, in some areas I’m ahead of the pack. Take the race against dark eye circles for instance. My trusty Garnier Nutririonist Caffeine Eye Roll-On (used nightly) will see to it that no eye bags grace this face. I even religiously pop in a ghd indulgence weekly hair treatment for 5-15 minutes, to ensure my locks stay shiny, bouncy and soft (no matter how split the ends may be… eek!)

Okay, I feel better, although while I’m on the stand, I will also confess to being an ad-hoc body moisturiser. But that’s something I definitely plan to fix now that summer’s on the way and the beach is calling. And as for my mop? I solemnly swear on my serums and scrubs that I won’t be preaching hair care to you again – until I’ve trimmed my own tresses.

What facet of beauty and skincare are you falling behind in?

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