100 females aged 25 – 45 with all skin types including people with sensitive and fair skin and those who currently use an SPF in their routine.The triallers were instructed to apply the La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS XL SPF 50+ Ultra-light 50 mL as the last product in their skin care regime but before makeup. They were also advised to shake the bottle rigorously before application to ensure an even distribution of the product and to reapply it every two hours, when they were outside in the sun.   



of members found La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ easy to apply.


of members found La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light SPF50+ felt light on their skin.


of members felt that La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ absorbed quickly into their skin.


of members felt that La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ adequately protected them from the sun.

beautyheaven says…

, La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS XL SPF 50+ Ultra-light 50 mL is a new formulation with the lightest texture, an invisible finish and the highest UVA and UVB protection available in Australia. It can be used by all skin types even those with sensitive skin. It’s designed to be worn every day under makeup without the worry of a white mask effect but it must be reapplied every two hours when out in the sun. It aims to help protect against both UVA and UBA rays that can cause premature skin ageing and cancer. Most triallers found that the La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS  XL SPF 50+ Ultra-light 50 mL sunscreen was easy to apply and didn’t feel greasy or oily on their skin. Most triallers reported that the product absorbed quickly into their skin and didn’t leave a white mask effect on their skin. The majority of triallers found that the sunscreen gave adequate sun protection from the sun. The majority of triallers were pleased with the size of the bottle, as they could easily slip it into their handbag without weighing it down. Most triallers also thought it was a handy size to take travelling. *Based on a survey of 100 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by La Roche-Posay for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

be buying again and again!

unscreen itself is housed in a small bottle with a screw top lid that easily fits into any of my handbags for application while I’m out. After application my skin feels smooth and soft not greasy like some other sunscreens can and it melts into my skin almost immediately. I haven’t had any sunburn since I started using the product so all in all it has been awesome. I also haven’t had any skin reactions, (either has my toddler) so that’s another plus in my book. All in all I will definitely be buying it again and I think it might be particularly good for travel as the bottle seems to be very air tight, not to mention the perfect size to take anywhere!…read more reviews here

ct & Light Sunscreen

ackaging is a cute and compact squeeze bottle. Great for everyday use. I can easily slip in into my handbag. It’s great for taking travelling, too. Love that it is SPF 50 and ultra light. It absorbed into my skin easily after I applied it. It left my skin feeling natural throughout the whole day. No more greasy skin, and the best part of all, no more streaky white noticeable sunscreen to be seen. My skin gets sensitive when it’s too hot so this product suits my skin very well as it’s designed to be used for people with sensitive skin. Just remember to shake the product well to get an even application. It’s my skin’s new best-friend. Anyone who needs a lightweight sunscreen should try this out as it is one of the best I’ve used to date.…read more reviews here

weight and Fast Absorbing

unscreen goes on smoothly and feels so incredibly light on the skin. Most sunscreens feel too heavy on my skin and clog my pores so I have to stop using them. There was no danger at all of that with this one. It’s the lightest sunscreen I have ever used and I have tried just about all of them! It basically absorbed as soon as I applied it and my skin felt hydrated and smooth. My makeup applied brilliantly over this. No caking, clumping or darkening of mineral foundations. It was basically like I had no sunscreen on at all! After a few weeks of use, I’ve had no reactions. I was initially concerned with how small this tube was but I have been using it daily for a couple of weeks now and there is still plenty remaining – a little goes a long way. There were days when I was out quite a bit in the heat and did not get even the mildest of redness so it definitely shields well from sunburn. I love how easily transportable it is. It takes up very little space in my bag so I currently carry it everywhere.…read more reviews here

y Matt Finish

che-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ Ultra Light sunscreen is exactly that, ultra light, while still providing great sun protection. It is so lovely to wear, that you forget that you are actually wearing sunscreen. It comes in a cute little bottle that fits comfortably in your hand and is a great size for your handbag or pocket. It’s smaller than an iPhone and is slightly curved. It absorbs quickly into the skin so there is no fear the bottle will get greasy. The sunscreen flows easily from the nozzle and the lid fits snugly with a hidden plug inside to stop leakage. It is not perfumed but it does have a delicate pleasant scent that doesn’t linger. I applied it all over my face before going outside and it gave me great sun protection with a matt finish. It’s not shiny at all. And I had no sunburn. Such a convenient size to have on hand to reapply too.…read more reviews here

ct sunscreen to add to morning skin care routine

e been really impressed with the La Roche-Posay Anthelion XL non-perfumed fluid sunscreen. Fluid sunscreen is a great description as it glides on to the face and absorbs almost immediately. When applying this sunscreen it is quite thin and when rubbing into my face I did find that it did feel a bit oily however this feeling went away almost immediately and I was unable to tell that I had even put the product on my face. There was no white residue to be found like some face sunscreens on the market and it was also so easy to rub in compared to others which take a while to absorb into the skin. For this reason I feel as though it was the perfect sunscreen to add to my morning skin routine. The sunscreen comes in a cute bottle that is easy to throw into your handbag to reapply as needed throughout the day.…read more reviews here

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