6 kitchen beauty remedies

6 kitchen beauty remedies

At bh we have a bias towards fabulous beauty products, but what happens when you’re on a budget? Or if you can’t get to the nearest stockist?

It’s times like these that kitchen beauty remedies can come in very handy. Don’t believe me? Here are six beauty problems you can easily fix using pantry-sourced products…

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Problem: Large, visible pores

Fix: Ice, ice baby! Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to permanently reduce the size of your pores, but a quick swipe with an ice cube before you apply your primer will help shrink them temporarily, and stop your make-up getting clogged inside. Too easy!

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Problem: Cellulite

Fix: Old coffee grounds. Cellulite is notoriously tricky to budge, but old coffee grounds can be used to help minimise its appearance. Simply mix the grounds with some coconut or olive oil and rub the mixture all over your thighs/backside/other dimply areas. The caffeine and antioxidants in the coffee will help stimulate your blood vessels, temporarily tightening and smoothing the lumps and bumps. Tip: This remedy can be a bit messy, so do it in the shower!

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Problem: Dark under-eye circles

Fix: Two green tea bags. Simply soak them in water, then place them in the fridge to let them cool. Once they’re chilled, pop one over each eye and sit back and relax for 15 minutes. Wondering how this helps? Well, tea has an astringent property that helps constrict visible blood vessels and capillaries under your eyes – the next best thing to concealer for reducing those dark shadows.

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Problem: Stained teeth

Fix: whitening toothpaste can work wonders, but did you know baking soda can also be used to brighten up your smile? Combine a little with some vinegar to create a simple scrub that bleaches teeth while also removing stains. If you have more time up your sleeve, coconut oil pulling can also work a treat – bh’s Rosie saw visible results after two weeks. Oh, and studies have also shown that adding milk to your tea can help with teeth whitening. Who knew?!

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Problem: Burn (probably from your curling iron)

Fix: Raw honey, but before you break out the jar, run water over the affected area to cool it to a comfortable level. Then dab the honey gently onto your burn and cover it with gauze or a Band-Aid. The honey will naturally soothe your scorched skin.

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Problem: An unexpected pimple

Fix: Woken up to an unexpected whitehead? Treat it fast with a DIY spot treatment. Simply mix powdered cinnamon (you know, the kind you sprinkle on your granola) and a drop of honey to create a paste, then dab it onto your pimple and let it sit for as long as possible. The honey will help moisturise your skin and kill acne-causing microbes, while the cinnamon is great for banishing bacteria. Bye-bye, blemish!

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Have you tried any of these kitchen beauty remedies? What other DIY beauty hacks do you swear by?

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