Kim Kardashian tries the ‘vampire facial’


We all want to look younger. I get that. Even at 24 I’m cautious of impending lines around my eyes, and I know I need to start my battle against crow’s feet by applying preventative products now (hello, anumi Selections Eye Contour Gel). I get that, I really do. Still, I can’t help but think Kim Kardashian has taken her battle against ageing a little too far.

No stranger to botox, Kim certainly seems to be trying hard to maintain her youthful good looks, but after recent images surfaced of her with a face covered in blood… well, the world cringed just a little bit.

But is it as scary as it seems? What’s been dubbed as the ‘vampire facial’ is actually called the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment – and is available in many salons globally, like the Skin Renu laser & skin rejuvenation clinic in Sydney’s Balmain.

Skin Renu describes the treatment as skin regeneration with your own cells, using platelet-rich plasma (in the form of your blood) that is collected (normally from your arm) and injected into your face as a way of stimulating collagen production and re-energising your cells into rejuvenating themselves in a simple one-hour appointment in clinic.

The clinic also says that PRP is a more natural method to facial rejuvenation as it’s your own enriched plasma used in the treatment. This means it will never be rejected by your body as some botox and fillers can be. We spoke to Sylvia, Practice Manager and part-owner of Skin Renu, who confirmed that no client ever looks like the blood-stained image of Kim Kardashian that the world was presented with as the legions created by the needle during PRP are so small that they heal almost straight away! Plus, she assured me that any blood seen during the treatment is always swiftly cleaned up. Phew! Sylvia also shared that PRP is actually a very simple procedure that’s often used for wound and burn recovery. Awesome!

So what do you think? Is Kim Kardashian too obsessed with looking younger? Would you ever try this treatment over botox or fillers?

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