bh’s Astrid reviews Juliette Armand 03 Hydra Cleansing Milk


1) How does the product work and how should it be used?

The cleansing milk has a creamy texture that’s designed to remove dirt and make-up, as well as cleanse and moisturise the skin.

2) What were your initial thoughts after the first use?

The application was quite nice. I liked the cool, smooth and soft sensation of the milk, and it was very easy to wash off. Personally, I prefer a foam cleanser, but I didn’t mind the milky sensation.

3) After prolonged use, did you notice a difference in the texture of your skin?

Honestly, no. I didn’t feel like it improved the appearance or texture of my skin, however it certainly didn’t disadvantage it. I’ve got pretty non-problematic, normal skin so I wasn’t expecting to see a huge difference anyway. I think it would be more effective for someone with dry or sensitive skin. The milky texture is really soft and smooth upon application, but it’s not a thorough enough cleanse for me.

4) Did the product do what it claimed?

I don’t have big pores, so I can’t really speak on the effectiveness, but I did enjoy applying it. The milky texture is really lovely on the skin, but I do think it’s going to give someone with more dry and/or sensitive skin better results.

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