Joey New York skincare quiz

Joey New York skincare quiz

Want to know what Joey New York skincare suits your needs best? Just answer A, B, or C to the questions below, jotting them down while you go; see if you get mostly A, B or C and then snap up the skincare regime that’s most suited to you! 

1 How does your skin feel on waking?

A As dry as my mouth – hydration please!
B Greasy and in need of a good, deep cleanse
C Tender to the touch and flushed

2 How does your skin feel after cleansing?

A Tight, now where did I put that moisturiser?
B Fantastic – the best it feels all day, in fact
C Fragile and in desperate need of some TLC

3 When you draw a fingernail down your arm:

A You scratch off flakes of dry skin
B Your skin feels smooth and supple
C It leaves a red mark for a few minutes

4 How often are you affected by breakout?

A Hardly ever, fine lines give me more grief
B Too often, new blemishes seem to pop up overnight
C Occasionally, but redness worries me more

5 What kind of blemish concerns you most?

A Pigmentation and dry patches
B Active pimples and blackheads
C Broken capillaries and redness

6 The texture of products your skin responds best to are:

A Anything rich and creamy that sinks in
B Foaming gel cleansers and clay masks
C Gentle toners and cool, soothing lotions

7 Your ideal at-home facial treat is a:

A Firming cream that tightens skin instantly
B Scrub that really gets into pores
C Soothing serum that calms redness

8 In an ideal world your skin would be:

A Younger-looking and continually nourished
B Less shiny and free of breakout
C Calm, comfortable and even-toned

Mostly A

Your dry skin is crying out for intense hydration, firming and deep nourishment. Start with Joey New York Egg Cream Cleanser With Egg And Honey to remove impurities and gently polish skin with jojoba beads. Follow by lightly massaging skin with Joey New York Egg Cream Extreme Lift Cream With Egg. The massage stimulates circulation while the vitamin and mineral rich cream helps tighten skin and boost firmness. For additional anti-ageing benefits, apply Joey New York Egg Cream Instant Face Lifting And Contouring Treatment to jaw line, neck and décolletage. The combination of pure honey and egg creates an uplifted appearance by firming the look of the skin vertically and tightening horizontally.

Mostly B

Your combination-to-oily skin responds to intensive cleansing, scrubs and masks. Begin with Joey New York Pure Pores Cleansing Gel with Vitamin C and follow with Joey New York Pure Pores Crushed Almond And Honey Scrub any time skin feels congested. Finish with Joey New York Pure Pores Oil-Free Moisturizer With SPF 15 for a matte appearance. Twice weekly, use Joey New York Pure Pores Masque to keep pores clear and clean. With clay, camphor, titanium dioxide and sulphur, it helps dissolve congested pores and absorb excess oil. When pimples surface, reach for Joey New York Pure Pores Roll-On Blemish Fix to fight them off. This tiny bottle packs a powerful punch with salicylic acid to help dry out blemishes.

Mostly C

Your super-sensitive skin needs soothing and rebalancing fast. Joey New York Calm And Correct Gentle Soothing Cleanser contains aloe vera and algae extracts to comfort as it cleanses. Next up, Joey New York Calm And Correct Gentle Soothing Toner combats redness and promotes healing. Joey New York Calm And Correct Gentle Soothing Moisturizer is the next step. A mild multi-tasker, it aims to reduce the appearance of rosacea, spider veins and even dark circles under the eyes thanks to a blend of vitamins C and E and horse chestnut. For further benefit when required, try Joey New York Calm and Correct Serum after toning. This concentrated fluid helps strengthen skin affected by sensitivities, rosacea, sunburn and professional skin treatments.

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