Cate Blanchett’s Facialist Shares Her Tips For Managing Skin Between Seasons

Cate Blanchett’s Facialist Shares Her Tips For Managing Skin Between Seasons

While we encourage keeping skin care routines as simple and streamlined as possible, it can be beneficial to make adjustments seasonally. It doesn’t necessarily mean an entire routine rehaul, however, small tweaks like picking up a lighter day cream during the warmer months can do wonders for  skin as the weather fluctuates from pore-clogging humidity to intensely drying chills.

Fortunately for us, celebrity facialist Joanna Czech (who’s responsible for some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous complexions, including Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Aniston) has shared her tips for maintaining radiant skin throughout the seasons.

Speaking to E!, Joanna emphasised one aspect of skin health that deserves more airtime than it receives. “What affects the pH of our skin is a super important factor that we don’t talk about enough,” she said. “If the pH of [our] skin is off, then the lipid layer becomes out of balance.”

Fast-forwarding through a few tricky-to-understand and very science-heavy steps, she basically explains that having an unbalanced pH level is what ultimately triggers the dehydration, inflammation, flare-ups, swelling and other skin conditions that we’re continuously trying to repair. 

So in the spirit of prevention rather than treatment, Joanna says, “we always talk about anti-inflammatory, but it needs to start with the proper pH of the skin. If that’s off, then all of those things start happening.”

How do we control our pH levels? 

“Of course, pH depends on what we eat, what we drink and what we’re exposed to, but why not help it topically?” Which is where Joanna advocates strongly for a pH-controlling toner. “Toners are very misunderstood, [they’re] a very important first step of a treatment, not the second step of cleansing,” she explained. 

Particularly as we head into the cooler months, a toner that will manage our pH levels will work to soothe, balance and restore peace to reactive, dry and sensitive skin.

bh recommends the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner ($38, Adore Beauty

Along with a toner, Joanna recommends managing the cooler months with the help of an exfoliator (albeit, a gentle one). You don’t need to go crazy,” Joanna says in regards to exfoliation. ”The skin exfoliates itself with usage of proper products containing vitamin A.” Specifically, retinyl palmitate. “It’s a form of vitamin A that is stored in our liver, so it does not create skin sensitivities as many prescription retinoids and retinols [do], and it also does not create sun sensitivity, so it’s a very safe and super active product to work with.”

bh recommends: Swissline Youth Booster ($130, Sephora)

Despite heading straight for winter, there is one tip Joanna shared to keep in our back pockets for when summer rolls around again: regularly spritzing Avene’s Thermal Spring Water ($22.99, Chemist Warehouse). “I love suggesting these for clients, especially during the summer because they are full of elements and minerals,” she explained. 

Do you have any tips for managing your skin as the seasons change? If so, what are they?

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  1. There are so many good serums in the market and the prices vary enormously so finding a good product at the right price is very hit and miss. I usually use the same products throughout the year because if it works stick with it.

  2. My skin changes a lot with the seasons, It’s much drier when the weather cools down, I use a heavier moisturiser and more facial oils, and swap my foaminfg cleanser for a lotion.

  3. I don’t change with the seasons but I assess the needs of my skin on a daily basis – as the weather in good ol Melbourne is so changeable it affects how my skin feels. Some days it’s very dry, other days not so much.

  4. I always use a toner after cleansing morning and evening and a spritzer during the day but more so in summer. For winter, about the only change I make is using a heavier moisturiser at night.

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