Jessica Mauboy Is A “Big Advocate” Of This Cleansing Technique

Jessica Mauboy Is A “Big Advocate” Of This Cleansing Technique

As she prepares for her role as a judge on the upcoming season of The Voice, Jessica Mauboy is prioritising finding the right balance between wearing heavy TV makeup, long days on set and caring for her skin.

Since auditioning for Australian Idol at the young age of 16, the now 32-year-old has learned a thing or two about staying disciplined when it comes to self-care. 

Speaking to Channel 7, she said: “Outside of filming I love to exercise.” A typical day for the singer involves “getting up and going for a run for an hour, taking the dog for a walk, having a bite to eat and doing my nails.” And while we wish she had elaborated on her nail care routine, we did get a glimpse into one of her daily skin care practices. 

Jessica sang the praises of the foolproof method for ridding your pores of any dirt and pollution: double cleansing. The singer shared: “I’m a big advocate for washing your face twice, especially when I have a lot of makeup on.”

So if you’re the kind of person who uses a face wipe and considers your cleansing routine done, we’re here to enlighten you on the benefits of cleansing not once, but twice. 

Particularly beneficial in the evening, a double cleanse ensures the removal of stubborn product, pollution and bacteria that has built up over the day. The initial cleanse often involves an oil cleanser, micellar water or cleansing balm to break down and cut through makeup and SPF, while the second cleanse requires a cream or gel formula that acts as a deeper wash to clear your skin of impurities. 

For the perfect double cleansing routine, we recommend: 

Glow Lab Age Renew® Cleansing Balm

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Ipsum Best Skin Cleansing Oil Balm

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L’Oréal Paris Micellar Water

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Sukin Naturals Cream Cleanser

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Do you double cleanse? Which cleansers do you rely on to keep your skin clear?

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  1. I’m currently using a Sukin Brightening cleanser at night to double cleanse. Can’t wait to finish it though because I got Esmi and Clinique cleansers in Rewards Room that I’m desperate to get into and in the morning I cleanse just once with Sensori+ cleansing oil.

    • You deserve congratulations, @Izzy09 for using your opened cleanser before you start on your new ones!! SO tempting to go to the new while in the middle of another isn’t it!! Hope you love the ones you got in RR – I’ve not heard of the Esmi.

  2. Yes! I do double cleanse and find it works wonders for me. I like to do a cream cleanse and then a gel cleanse but sometimes I use cleansing towelettes or cleansing cloths first like the fabric rounds by Face Halo, enjo or Sand & Sky and then I use my gel cleanser. I’m loving the sonic face cleanser brush by manicare to gently and thoroughly cleanse with my gel cleanser also.

  3. Definitely agree with Jessica on this one!, I would like to try the Glow Lab cleansing balm but I can’t find it anywhere, currently I’m using Banila zero cleansing balm.

  4. I only cleanse once in the mornings, but I double cleanse at night unless I’ve been home all day.

    1st cleanse – micellar water or cleansing balm with a Manicare Makeup Remover Towel or Garnier Eco Pad.
    2nd cleanse – cream or gel cleanser with my Dermasonic+ Cleansing Device.

  5. I can’t imagine not double cleansing! As an oily skin gal, I was so apprehensive at first, but it removes all my makeup and sunscreen so easily. The trick is using a gel based cleanser afterwards to remove any oily residue. The Asian oil cleansers are the best.

  6. I will double cleanse if I’m wearing makeup but generally one cleanse suffices for me (even after wearing sunscreen), otherwise I’ve found my skin can get a bit irritated from all the cleansing. I’ve now started cleansing my face in the morning & I can see the benefits of doing it.

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