Dear Jessica Biel

Dear Jessica Biel

We like you. We really do. You’re clearly the biggest star to fall from 7th Heaven, you were luminous in The Illusionist and you do happen to have one of the hottest boyfriends on the planet right now. But here’s the thing, Jess: you’re beige. You’re all muted browns, fawns and caramels, and we’re worried you’ve fallen into a rut.

True, your rut is nothing compared to, say, Britney’s, and you do work that natural beauty for all it’s worth. Plus we’d kill for your honeyed complexion and maim for the cushiony pillows that are your mouth. It’s just that we’d love to see you turn up the glam for a change.

Take your Golden Globes get up for example. Sure, the dress was hot enough to give JT a crick in the neck and make Cameron throw a hissy, but, as far as red carpet looks go, you were beige. And even in that fuchsia Oscar de la Renta at the Oscars, you opted for pale pink lips that completely washed you out. Seriously! If there’s ever an occasion to break out the ultra glam, the Academy Awards has got to be it.

You don’t have to go into Dolly Parton territory; all it takes is a little flash of colour. Adding a jolt of blue or jade eyeliner would take you from nice (but beige) to knockout in an instant, as would an actual colour on your lips. We’d love to see them painted ruby (red with a golden cast would be great with your skin). Or maybe you could pair the understated lips you like so much with a sizzling smoky eye.

Look, all we ask is that you think about it before next year’s awards season. We doubt you’ll be getting any gongs for I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, but Justin’s probably in with a chance at the Grammys.

With love and lipstick,

beautyheaven x 

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