The popular beauty ingredient Jessica Alba claims is ‘unnecessary’


Starting out selling non-toxic nappies, Jessica Alba’s e-commerce site, The Honest Company has grown from strength to strength since expanding into the world of natural beauty. 

Valued just shy of $1 billion dollars in 2017, the brand has successfully gained a mass and loyal following of people all eager to be kinder to the environment, their skin and quite frankly, get a little bit closer to that iconic Jessica Alba glow. 

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However, if you’re yet to try out any of the products on offer like the cult-favourite Hydrogel Cream, the Internet is busting with the next best thing: beauty tips from the non-toxic beauty founder herself. 

And the latest pearl of wisdom? The popular ingredient that the mum-of-three believes we just do not need.

Speaking to Bustle, Alba revealed her “must-avoid ingredient in skin care” is *drum roll please*, fragrance. A regular on any sensitive-skin-types blacklist, Jessica suggests we could all benefit from avoiding perfumed formulas. 

“I would say the number one thing I look out for is perfume and fragrance”, she said. “It’s just unnecessary, you don’t really need a synthetic fragrance in your skin care or makeup”. 

In fact, when it comes to her skin care ethos, Jessica shared, “I really want to give to my face what a green juice gives to my body.” 

So if you’re ready to walk away from the perfumed product life and treat your cheeks to a big ol’ glass of metaphorical green juice, here are our recommendations for some fragrance-free goodies: Eau Thermale Avène Extremely Gentle CleanserElizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin ProtectantCeraVe Moisturizing LotionElucent Eye CreamSunSense Ultra SPF 50+

Check out Jessica’s full interview, here

Main image credit: GettyHave you tried The Honest Company? Do you use fragrance-free products?

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  1. Agree. Artificial / added fragrance has little to no place in skincare. Some skincare items scent is way too heavy for my liking. I’m ok with a little light fragrance but I don’t feel like I need it in my skincare.

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