6 things you didn’t know about Jennifer Hawkins

6 things you didn’t know about Jennifer Hawkins

Tanned, toned, tall, and terribly beautiful. This is how many would describe Jennifer Hawkins, but my feeling is this: the words bubbly, stylish, smart, and talented should definitely be added to this colourful list, too.

Why do I think this? I spoke with the Australian model yesterday to celebrate the launch of her second Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins collaboration with Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling, and she’s definitely as effervescent as the liquid inside the vibrantly printed bottles. Need proof? Here goes…


#1. She’s been known to play favourites.

But only when it comes to her new Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Cozi bottle designs. “I really do like the one called Papaya. It’s an animal print in beautiful watermelon and purple shades. It’s very summery, which is why it’s my favourite.”

#2. She does eat carbs.

Yes, she’s a model and she eats carbohydrates. “I now make sure I incorporate carbs into my diet so I don’t feel like I’m starving all the time. If I don’t, I end up constantly thinking about food!” But what is her carb-loaded meal of choice? “Spaghetti bolognaise, but without the pasta – I use brown rice instead, and throw in big chunks of broccoli and organic mince.”

#3. She wants us all to feel good in our bikinis.

And that’s precisely why she invented her J Bronze tanning range. “You always feel better and more confident when you’re half naked if you’ve got a bit of a sun-kissed glow.” She also suggests eating healthily a week prior to a beach holiday. “You’ll have a better time if you do.”

#4. Her go-to beauty product is hydrating coconut oil.

“I use it all over my body to hydrate my skin, and as a hair treatment.” Yep, alongside ample amounts of water and fish oil, this is reason behind her glowy appearance.

#5. She believes pretty gym clothes are a must.

“New workout gear really inspires me personally, especially if it’s colourful. It’s also easier to get motivated if you’re in a cute gym outfit.” Word.

#6. Her go-to guilty pleasure is chocolate-covered almonds.

“If I have a couple with a cup of tea I feel like I’m not depriving myself.” Tasty snacks in small doses, huh? I guess that’s why she’s got such a rockin’ bod.


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Have you seen Jennifer Hawkins’ new Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Cozi designs in store yet? Do you feel better on the beach when you’ve got a fake tan? Have you ever used coconut oil as a beauty product?

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