6 beauty tips Jennifer Garner has learnt in lockdown


Like all of us, Jennifer Garner is adapting to the uncharted waters of 2020 the only she can – by rolling with the very unpredictable and isolating punches.

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Speaking to Allure, Jennifer shared all the juicy details of her current beauty routine, which involves less makeup and more skin care, as well as some #covidsafe beauty hacks we will most definitely be adopting.

“Nothing looks better in your fifties than sunscreen in your twenties.”

Crediting SPF as the most important part of her skin care routine, Jen reveals she’s been diligent with sunscreen from a young age. In fact, it was her acting aspirations that kept her teenage self out of the harsh sun, “I was always in a theatre or working at a theatre, I wasn’t really somebody who went to the beach so my skin was saved by a very geeky adolescence,” she said.

Taking the ‘touch’ out of her touch-ups

Conflicted by the fact “we’re not supposed to touch our faces but we are supposed to wear sunscreen”, Jen reveals she has turned to spray-on sunscreen as her COVID-19-friendly hack, “this you can just spray on and go, you don’t even have to rub it in,” she explained, speaking about the Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 50+ (we also love Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Spray SPF50+).

Liquid liner technique 

Appearing on The Tonight Show from the comfort of her own home (minus the glam squad) preempted Jennifer to embrace her inner makeup artist, “I’ve done my own makeup for so many things over the last few months, and I’ve learned a bunch,” she said.

And while she’s not getting overly experimental – “I don’t really trust myself to do a ton” – she has revealed her liquid eyeliner technique is a solid go-to for her. “I just go right, right into the lash. Then, smoke it up with either a brush or Q-tip”. 

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The importance of powder

Despite being powdered a million times in my life”, it wasn’t until lockdown that Jennifer truly paid attention to and “learned the importance of powder in front of a camera”.

While we don’t all need to be getting camera-ready at home (or do Zoom meetings count?) powder can also work its magic on us non-movie stars by evening out our skin tone, providing a coverage solution for oily skin and setting makeup down so it doesn’t budge throughout the day.

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Mastering the at home blow-out

Arguably the most sought after skill we all wish we could emulate at home, Jennifer ‘finally’ learned how to master a salon quality blow-dry while in lockdown.  Like most of our favourite celebs this year, she blessed us with an Instagram tutorial of the process, calling upon friend and hairstylist, Adir Abergel, to talk her through it. 

Maskne is no joke

Exfoliating was a step which didn’t exist in Jennifer’s routine until 2020 – but, then again, neither was wearing a mask every day. And while she reiterates the importance of wearing a mask, she’s discovered “it can also trap things in your pores”.

However, the dreaded ‘maskne’ is easily avoided,  simply with a little extra discipline. “You just have to make sure you really are putting on a clean mask on a clean face and cleaning your face when you take it off” said Jennifer.

To make sure she’s “gotten everything out” when it comes to her post-mask cleanse, Jen loves a “pore-refining toner”, which she applies using a cotton pad so she “can see what else has gotten out of that skin”.

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  1. The trick with liquid eyeliner is to tightline with a pencil/gel liner. That way it fills in all the gaps between your lashes. My tip is to point the tip towards the outside of your eye, do it in little sections rather than trying to draw the whole line in one go. so from outside of the eye with the tip pointing out, bring to centre and flip the brush around so the tip is now facing the inner corner of the eye, connect in the middle and voila!

    If you mess up just use a pointy q-tip and a tiny bit of makeup remover. Hope that helps!

  2. I’m so glad I found a sunscreen in my 20s that I actually liked (coincidentally Neutrogena!) and started applying almost every day, I need to up my game! I’ve been hearing more brands releasing spray on/touch up sunscreens that apply over makeup without messing it up and even though I hardly wear makeup, I love the idea of using it on the go or over makeup when I do use it and avoiding touching my face in the process.

  3. I always apply sunscreen daily even if I dont plan on going outside. My youngest daughter has followed my lead and she uses sunscreen daily where as her oldest sister who is 8 years older has never really worried about skin care and the difference in their skin is very apparent. Use sunscreen ladies.

  4. Wow, thank you very much!
    That’s very sweet of you to help me out, I never even thought about doing this but I will give it a go next time I go to do my makeup and the q-tip is very smart usually I just wipe it away and give up but now I will always carry a q-tip!

  5. Me too! However, I’m un-co & have discovered the hard way that me + a round brush = getting tangled in my own hair (and then having to painstakingly get the brush out of my knots).

  6. Wish I’d heeded the “sunscreen in your 20’s” message…have certainly paid the price for it over the years, what with skin cancers being removed & general sun damage I have now at (almost) 36. The sun is no joke people!

  7. I cannot do a blow out for the life of me. Thank goodness for straightening irons. My hair is looking crazy atm…hopefully the hair salons open next month or I may end up colouring myself eeekk. I wish I was diligent applying sunscreen from a younger age. One burn is too many and whilst your skin may look good the damage can show years later and not to mention skin cancer!

  8. I love my liquid liner & mineral powder, but I’ve only been wearing eye makeup since I’m always wearing a mask when I go out. I’ve been diligent about sunscreen since my mid-20s, but before then, I used to sunbake with baby oil, trying to get some colour on my lily white skin. I grew up before the sunsmart era.

  9. Yes exactly. I remember my skin specialist asking me why I didnt use sunscreen when young. There just wasnt much around and as I tanned easily my Mum didnt realise I should have been using it. It was expensive and not much was known about skin cancer then

  10. I am partiicular about using SPF on my face since having treatment for skin cancer. I have been using a cream with SPF but I love Jennifer Garner’s tip to use Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 50+ so that you can spray it on instead of rubbing a cream in. Am off to make a purchase,

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