All The Secrets Behind Jennifer Aniston’s Everlasting Glow


Is it just us or has Jennifer Aniston not aged since like, 1998? From her days as Rachel Green in the sitcom Friends to her recent red carpet appearances, the actress has always had glowing skin (not to mention trend-setting hairstyles – ‘The Rachel’ was a 90s must-have!). So, what’s the secret? Well, Jen recently spoke to Goop (you know, gal pal Gwyneth’s completely realistic and totally relatable ‘blog’) and spilled her strategies.

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When it comes to her skin, there are two key factors – hydration and sleep! “I drink smartwater all day every day!” Plus, she also ensures she doesn’t spend too much time in the sun. Jen also adds that, “Being happy is a key to looking and feeling younger.” Sounds easy right?

Well, she also tells Goop that her daily routine involves starting every day with a good, solid breakfast, meditation and taking a good multivitamin. And her fitness regimen? “I like to mix it up with some Power Yoga, treadmill, elliptical machine and low weight training.” This all sounds pretty achievable for us regular humans! She’s just so damn relatable!

The one thing that the Hollywood superstar does that might not be so realistic for the rest of us is how she chooses to reboot, telling Goop, “When I’m really wiped out it’s time to go on a trip. I have my go-to places in warm climates and sandy beaches like Mexico that really allow me to relax and get on track.” Talk about living the dream! Jen also says she “likes massages and spa treatments” and mentions she’s tried all sorts of “weird facials”. That’s right up our alley!

If you’re not blessed with seemingly unchanging and flawless skin like Jen, there are a few products you can try to get you closer to that perfect complexion. Her personal favourite face moisturiser? The Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturiser with SPF 15.

What’s the top skin care tip you give your friends?

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  4. Yeah, sorry but Jen is NOT relatable at all – she has the money and star power to access the most prestige heath & beauty professionals and products in the world. More power to her, but don’t claim that’s relatable for the rest of us.

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