Jennifer Aniston’s hair care routine revealed

Jennifer Aniston’s hair care routine revealed

If we had to name the most famous (or coveted) head of hair on the planet, it’d probably be Jennifer Aniston‘s.

Not only was ‘The Rachel’ infamous after Jen‘s time on Friends, but her strands have only gone from strength to strength since then.

What you may not know, however, is that Jen’s hair isn’t always perfect polished; she experiences frizz and flyaways just like us mere mortals. In fact, the star recently took to Instagram to share a selfie of her “humidity” hair.

So what does it take to get that perfectly tousled ‘do? Her longtime friend and hair stylist Chris McMillan (AKA the man behind ‘The Rachel’ itself) spilled some of her secrets to Vogue and we were all ears…


Aniston switches between two shampoo options: the Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo ($43, and the Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo ($38, FYI, if you’re not a ‘rinse and repeat’ type of person, McMillan advises you try and become one ASAP. In his book, nothing beats a “really good” double cleanse.


“We don’t just condition the ends,” McMillan shared. “A lot of people worry it’ll make the hair flat, but it doesn’t! Would you moisturise just your jawline or forehead? No! You’re going to moisturise your entire face. Conditioner is moisturiser for your hair. You should be doing the same thing to your hair as you do for your skin.”

Jen’s favourite formulas? Either the conditioner counterpart to her Drunk Elephant shampoo go-to (AKA the Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner; $38 at, or the Canale Soften Conditioner ($42, No matter which one, however, she works it through before rinsing with a wide-tooth comb.


McMillan says Jen likes to make productive work of a hydrating hair mask session, usually opting to get her nails done and watch 60 Minutes while the treatment works its magic. Genius TBH. The word on the street is that she’s also partial to an in-salon keratin treatment to smooth frizz and boost shine.

She’s a big fan of a scalp scrub, too: “We do it once a month, beauty school style,” he says. Makes sense – build-up and glossy hair (which Jen most certainly has) aren’t often mates. His recommendation? The one from Drunk Elephant (which checks out, considering he helped create the hair line). FYI, the Drunk Elephant T.L.C Happi Scalp Scrub  is $55 at, but we also rate the Sukin Naturals Natural Balance Scalp Scrub and the GROW Longer Stronger Stimulating Scalp Scrub if you’re after options under $20.


“A big part of Jennifer’s beauty routine, whether it’s her hair, skin, or her body [is consistency]. She’s consistent about trims, she’s consistent about getting highlights, she’s consistent about facials. She takes care of herself. She gets her hair cut every four weeks, even if it’s just a baby trim.”


Jen is the queen of the undone, beachy curl, and that’s no accident. “She doesn’t like a manufactured curl,” McMillan confirmed. “It always looks like you can touch it, it’s not sprayed into place.”

What he does rely on, however, is a texturising pomade: Murray’s Original Pomade ($19.95,, to be exact. Another one of our fave easier-to-find options? The Kerastase Couture Styling Baume Double JE.

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What other celebs do you look to for hair inspo? What are your top hair care tips?

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  1. I now use hair masks regularly: I usually brush them through the night before washing my hair or on a lazy day at home. I plait my hair to sleep, then shampoo out in the morning. I love Olaplex.

  2. I double wash, but with my oily hair, I’d have to wash it every day if I didn’t, so it ends up saving me time.

    I put conditioner just through my midlength & ends, then shower my body while it sits in my hair. I rinse the conditioner out last. That saves me a bit of time.

  3. Totally agree, I would never think to get my hair trimmed every four weeks but I better it would be looking a ton better than it does now if I was that consistent with it

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