Why we love Jazz Jennings

Why we love Jazz Jennings

Fourteen-year-old Jazz Jennings from South Florida has just landed the gig of a lifetime, scoring a role as the new face of Clean & Clear’snew campaign, “See The Real Me”. The initiative encourages people to use the #SeeTheRealMe hashtag on social media to share personal stories promoting natural beauty. How awesome is that? Oh, and did we mention Jennings is transgender?

Though born male, Jazz was diagnosed with gender identity disorder at an early age, and showed signs of gender dysphoria as early as two. She’s said she knew she was a girl for as long as she could process what that meant, and as such, her family allowed her to begin transitioning at age six.

And while this gig is a breakthrough for the transgender community, Jazz is no stranger to the spotlight. After devoting her life to raising awareness through her YouTube channel, she was named one of Time magazine’s 25 most influential teens in 2014. She’s also appeared on countless talk shows, co-authored the children’s book I am Jazz, and has an 11-episode series titled All That Jazz in the pipeline with TLC. That’s quite a list of accomplishments for such a young woman!

Thanks to Jazz’s big, brave heart and drive to live as her true self, she’s helping to shift the way society perceives transgender people. And while she says she’s “just having fun being one of the girls” in her Clean & Clear video, we can’t help but feel like this mermaid-loving teen is going to change the world.

Watch Jazz’s amazing Clean & Clear campaign video here

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