Lady Gaga’s facialist shares the tips you need to beat ‘isolation skin’

Lady Gaga’s facialist shares the tips you need to beat ‘isolation skin’

Ada Ooi, founder of 001 London Skincare and facialist to a few names you might recognise (Lady Gaga, Rooney Mara and Ellie Goulding), has revealed how the changes in our daily habits and lifestyle, due to social distancing, may be at the root of our skin concerns. 

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Talking to E! News, Ada said, “unfortunately we are not built for naturally liking changes”, citing an increase in stress, prolonged screen time and dietary factors as the main culprits contributing to skin irritations in isolation.

“These reactions from the brain directly affect what happens on our skin. Adrenaline increase causes us to palpate and sweat more and we are losing more water very quickly, which can lead to dry skin.” 

An increase in the hormone cortisol is also to blame, as it leads to excessive sebum secretion, triggering breakouts, while our working from home snacking situation aka higher sugar levels, may also be the cause of skin inflammation. 

So if you’re been experiencing ‘isolation skin’, at least you now know why. 

But if we can’t change the laws around quarantine, what’s our next best solution?

Below are the tips Ada Ooi’s shared, to help gain back your healthy complexion from the inside out.

Follow a nourishing skin care routine

“Check in the mirror for the main concern you want to focus on, and build your product [line up to respond] to that”. 

Try a routine that consists of a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser, as well as a weekly exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.

bh recommends: Kosmea Clarifying Facial WashUSANA Celavive Perfecting Toner, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, and Ultraderm Skin Renew Moisturiser.

Finish with a massage

“Massage helps tense muscles release the acids accumulated, untie muscle knots and release sluggish fluids around the affected areas, which can create puffiness or extra weight to the skin leading to folds like nasolabial fold (smile lines).”

Throw out any old skin care products

Guilty of holding on to that expired face mask?

“Clear out your skincare cabinet. Throw out expired items, or items that you have not used for a long time,” Ooi says. And if you’re unsure whether something has passed its used-by date, check any changes in scent or texture as an indicator.


Eliminate sugar from your diet

“Excessive sugar in the bloodstream can cause glycation, which is when the sugar level in the bloodstream spikes beyond what our insulin can handle. Glycation affects our protein chains like collagen and elastin within our skin. They can become weaker and impaired resulting in dull skin complexion, loss of elasticity and longer term effect in causing wrinkles.” 

Main image credit: Getty How has your skin been in isolation?

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  1. Only difference there is since this new trend is that my fave fruit market is closed still. Eekk…so had to find another good one to buy good farmer's grown food, fruit veg and nuts. To keep my machinery, not just skin, in optimal condition. Otherwise , see no difference in anything really.

  2. I've been massaging my face (with facial oil for slip) while watching TV after cleansing and toning in the bathroom. Its a bit of self care and makes me feel less stressed.

  3. Helpful article.

    I wish Lady Gaga would ditch the makeup, she looks better without it.

    Have been using my face masks and rose quartz roller and use coconut oil on my hands and body at night before I go to bed.

  4. Sorry for my ignorance but did not know there was such a thing as a facialist. Yes sugar and salt is not good for you, neither is fat that accumulates in your liver and if your liver is not working properly you will get issues. (see Liver Rescue by Anthony William)

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