How to erase years in seconds

How to erase years in seconds

At beautyheaven, we give ageing gracefully a big thumbs up. Fine lines, wrinkles, grey hair – they’re all a fact of life and we embrace them with open arms. But if you happen to not look a day over 35 when you’re actually 45 (Cate Blanchett, we’re looking at you!), well, you’re just incredibly lucky!

As for the rest of us, there’s no harm in arming ourselves with a few tips and tricks to blur over those telltale signs of ageing. Read on to find out how to turn back the clock in a matter of seconds.


As we age, the skin around our eyes starts to slacken and become more prone to dark shadows and bags. The aim is to brighten and ‘lift’ your eyes without going under the knife. Get your mitts on a product that works to instantly lift your lids, like the Transformulas EyeLifting Gel. When applied to the eye area, this little beauty softens fine lines, reduces expression lines and under-eye puffiness, and adds radiance to the eye area. Follow by applying your eye make-up, then dab an illuminator such as Benefit Girl Meets Pearl to the inner corners of your eyes to reflect light for brighter-looking peepers.


Youthful skin has a certain plumpness about it that keeps it looking tight and firm. This comes down to the fact that the cells in the skin’s layers are capable of retaining plenty of water. To get a youthful glow, the trick is to give your skin a good boost of hydration. Serums and moisturisers containing hyaluronic acid –  like Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly and L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Extract – help your skin to absorb and retain moisture, leaving it feeling soft and supple and looking more plumped up.


Got some greys poking out but don’t have time to dye your hair? No problem. Pick up an instant touch-up stick like the 1000 Hour Hair Colour Stick and simply blend it over your greys, and voila! You’ve camouflaged your silver strands with natural-looking, temporary colour. And do your man a solid too, by introducing him to Just for Men Shampoo-in Hair Colour. In just five minutes, it targets grey hairs by instantly adding subtle tones to match your guy’s natural hair colour. Who says women should be the only ones to benefit from instant anti-ageing tricks?

What are your instant anti-ageing tips? Will you try any of these tricks?

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