Is this ingredient the answer to your acne woes?


Suffering from acne or breakouts can be a real struggle, both emotionally and physically – particularly for teens also experiencing a slew of hormonal changes.

Chances are you’ve tried an endless list of skin care products and at-home remedies in an attempt to get rid of it, only to be disappointed when you or your teen’s skin flares up again.

The best strategy? Invest in products that contain ingredients that can work hard to both clear and prevent acne. So, let me introduce you to the latest player on the acne scene: copaiba oil.

What is copaiba oil and how can it benefit acne-prone skin?

Sourced from South America, this oil has major soothing and calming capabilities. “Copaiba oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe and calm the skin, as well as help to control acne,” explains Fiona Forsyth, naturopath from natural skin care brand, Thursday Plantation.

While copaiba oil is beneficial for cooling and calming angry, red acne, another important ingredient for helping acne is tea tree oil thanks to its antibacterial benefits.

How can tea tree oil benefit acne-prone skin?

If you’ve ever used products containing tea tree oil, you’ll know just how effective this ingredient is for clearing your skin of acne-causing bacteria and preventing pimples from forming. But when tea tree is combined with the soothing and calming powers of copaiba oil, you’re essentially helping to prevent future breakouts while reducing the severity of current acne.

A double whammy for acne-prone skin

To combine the pimple-fighting benefits of both copaiba oil and tea tree oil, Thursday Plantation have created their handy and effective Tea Tree Face Wipes for Acne. “Tea tree oil possesses strong antibacterial properties, so used together with copaiba oil, this is the perfect combination to calm and purify the skin,” explains Fiona.

Great for teens to throw into their school bag to soothe breakouts on the go, these two-in-one wipes will literally wipe away nasty acne-causing bacteria and absorb excess sebum to help prevent future breakouts. But the benefits don’t stop there – they also relieve the skin and reduce redness for an instantly fresher, clearer-looking complexion. As an added bonus, these wipes are 99.8 per cent naturally derived and biodegradable, so by choosing them, you’re doing the environment a favour, too.

In fact, the entire Thursday Plantation range of face and body products are based on naturally derived ingredients, affordable, free from nasties and target many skin concerns. What more could you want?!

Do you have acne-prone skin? Would you like to try these acne-fighting face wipes?

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