How to use cleansing oils

How to use cleansing oils

A cleansing oil is a cleansing oil, right? Well, there are actually different types of cleansing oils out there, each with unique formulas, textures and benefits.

One common misconception is that because cleansing oils are ‘cleansers’, they act like a regular cream, foam, or gel cleanser and foam up or emulsify as you use it. This isn’t always the case. While a lot of cleansing oils do emulsify on the skin or when they make contact with water, some cleansing oils remain in their oil form during cleansing, making them ideal for dry or mature skin.

An example of this type of cleansing oil is the hydrating and nourishing Thursday Plantation Cleansing Oil. And because it doesn’t emulsify with water, there’s a slightly different technique when it comes to using it effectively. Here are a couple of ways you can use it…

Method 1: Massage the Cleansing Oil into your face, concentrating on problem areas, then use a washcloth soaked in warm water to remove the oil, pressing it over your skin as you go, to help open your pores. This will allow the oil to  penetrate and deeply cleanse the skin. Rinse the washcloth and use it again to remove any residue left over from the oil cleanser.

Method 2: If you’re in a rush, a busy mum, or  simply prefer multi-tasking, you can also use the Cleansing Oil in the shower. The hot water will help to open your pores, allowing you to skip the washcloth step but still achieve a deep clean.

Tip: While some cleansing oils lift away light make-up, heavier make-up like foundation, liquid liner, lipstick and waterproof mascara might require make-up remover before you deeply cleanse your skin with an oil cleanser.

Why choose a cleansing oil?

Some regular facial cleansers – even natural ones – can strip your skin of its essential natural oils. As a result, your skin can be left feeling and looking dry, dull, and in need of hydration. Oil cleansers work to deeply cleanse and hydrate the skin, helping to improve its overall appearance in a gentle yet effective way, without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Thursday Plantation Oil Cleanser contains a combination of nature’s best cleansing and moisturising oils and is a great option for dry or maturing complexions. Castor and grapefruit oils in the formulation – both which have strong cleansing and purifying properties – help to lift away and dissolve make-up and impurities lodged in pores, while macadamia and rice bran oils help to soften and nourish the skin and restore and strengthen its  protective barrier. It’s also formulated with tea tree oil for it’s antibacterial properties and lemon oil and aloe vera extract to help brighten and hydrate the complexion overall.

Did you know that there were different ways to use different cleansing oils? How do you use your cleansing oil?

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