How-to: slow down the signs of ageing

How-to: slow down the signs of ageing

At beautyheaven, we’re all for ageing gracefully and embracing how our skin and bodies change as we get older. But there’s no doubt about it – many of us would like to keep our youthful looks in tact for as long as possible.

Unfortunately we haven’t yet got our hands on a time-stopping gadget that can preserve our youthful skin (a girl can only dream!), but thankfully there is technology on hand that can help us slow down the ageing process. So what’s the secret? Skin care products that repair your skin cells around the clock.

We all know a good-quality night cream is essential for helping our skin cells repair and renew while we sleep, which is the key to keeping skin supple, hydrated and youthful. But you can’t forget the importance of feeding your skin with age-fighting nutrients and ingredients throughout the day, which means investing in an age-defying day cream as well.

While many of us don’t have money to splash out on multiple anti-ageing products, why not invest in one anti-ageing cream that can be your 24/7 age-fighting weapon? Introducing Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream – a luxurious anti-ageing cream that helps to boost skin cell repair around the clock for younger looking skin.

The cream is enriched with an ingredient called Juvefoxo, which seeks to mimic the longevity molecule found in the ‘immortal jellyfish’ – a creature that grows younger and younger, and eventually transforms itself back into a polyp to begin a new life. Also enriched with vitamin A, the cream works to continually renew cells, while keeping the skin richly hydrated.

Apply this cream morning and night after cleansing with the Dr. LeWinn’s 4-Fusion Cleansing Oil for a more youthful and healthy looking complexion all hours of the day.

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