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Here at beautyheaven we love hearing your questions, whether in the forum or directly. When beautyheaven member Jane 224 got in touch wanting to find out more about how best to reduce the appearance of fine lines, we were more than happy to put our thinking caps on and recommend some products and tips to help.

Q) “I am 54 today! My concern is the ever-deepening vertical lines under my bottom lip. What is the best product to 1) treat these and 2) to hide them under make up?” – Jane 224

A) The development of lines is a natural occurrence among women as they age, but this doesn’t mean you can’t minimise their appearance. Here’s our guide to getting an age-defying face.

Preventative measures

The best treatment for wrinkles starts with prevention. Although there are lots of factors at play, you can help stall the development of lines with a good quality hydrating moisturiser and, of course, a high SPF sunscreen with moisturising properties, such as Invisible Zinc’s Tinted Daywear Anti-Ageing Facial Moisturising Sunscreen SPF 30+

Skincare treatments

For already visible lines, there are many treatment options. A quality serum formulated with anti-ageing molecules such as Avon’s Anew Clinical Line Corrector can work wonders. With the power of A-F33 (Amino-Fill 33), 100 per cent of women in our Trial Team for this product showed a reduction in fine lines in two weeks – a fantastic result. A no-fuss night cream, such as Nivea Visage’s Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, can also be effective. Simply slather it on and let the powerful coenzyme Q10 plus creatine do the work while you sleep.

Make-up solutions

There are several types of make-up products you can use to hide wrinkles. Usually formulated with hyaluronic acid, line fillers are great for minimising the appearance of deeper furrows that are hard to get rid of. You can wear them alone, or under your foundation for a smooth finish. Another great option is a blurring cream. A skin-correcting miracle, these increasingly popular formulas feature light-reflecting particles that even out your skin tone and diffuse wrinkles. Garnier’s Perfect Blur Smoothing Base Perfector is a good one to try. 

Cosmetic procedures 

If non-invasive options won’t give you the results you want, you may wish to consider anti-wrinkle injections. These can be incredibly effective, but with such a variety of brands on offer, products vary in terms of the effect of the treatment and how long the results will last. There can also be a risk of side effects, so make sure you do your research to ensure the treatment you choose has been extensively tested. 

Additional tricks 

If all else fails, you can reduce the obviousness of deep lines and creases simply by altering your make-up look. If you’re concerned about lines around your mouth like Jane is, draw attention upwards with a strong smoky eye. If you’re more worried about wrinkles on the upper part of your face, try a bold statement lip. This strategy may sound obvious, but trust us – it works! 

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