How-to: put in contact lenses

How-to: put in contact lenses

Contacts are the perfect way to show off your pretty peepers, but they can also be a nightmare if not used correctly. Incorrectly placed lenses can slide around, break and even pop out! They can also lead to serious eye irritation and itching. So make contact lens application easy-breezy the first time – and every time, by following these steps…

Step one: Prep your hands
Unless you want to end up with a nasty infection, always wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial hand wash before handling your contacts.

Step two: Balancing act
Carefully remove a contact lens from the case and gently balance it on the tip of your index finger (it’s recommended to use your dominant hand to do this). Ensure that you have the contact lens balanced so that the edges are facing upwards.

Step three: Inspection
An important part of contact lens care is inspecting your lenses. Carefully check for tears, dust or damage before using.

Step four: Eyelid control
Use your fingers on the opposite hand to pull open and hold your eyelid. Use the middle finger of the hand holding the contact to pull down the skin beneath the eye.

Step five: Easy does it
Calmly and carefully move the contact lens toward your eye, avoiding sudden blinking. Gently place the contact on the eye and move it to the centre with your finger so that it is directly over your iris. Release your grip on the bottom skin beneath the eye first, then gently release the upper eyelid.

Step six: Blink
Slowly blink once the contact has been inserted and you’ve released your eyelid. You should not feel any pain or discomfort. If you do feel discomfort, it could mean that you haven’t inserted it properly, in which case you’ll need to start over.

Step seven: Repeat
Repeat steps 2-6 with the remaining contact and voila! No more spectacles!

Tip: To maintain good eye care, rinse your contact lens thoroughly after every use with a contact lens saline solution.

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