How to minimise the appearance of pores


Did you know you can’t actually shrink your pores? But don’t worry too much, because you can minimise their appearance.

You see, enlarged pores are genetically determined and often related to skin type, which we can’t really do anything about. However, environmental, lifestyle and skin care factors can also contribute to enlarged or congested pores, and that’s where a bit of know-how can come to the rescue.

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Things like oiliness, the skin’s own sluggish natural exfoliation and loss of elasticity can make existing pores more prominent. But with a consistent routine and hard-working skin care products,  a smoother, more even-looking complexion can be achieved.

Here are our top tips for minimising the appearance of pores.

#1 Cleanse day and night

Washing your face is important to remove grime and prevent congestion. However, steer clear of harsh scrubs or cleansers that strip your skin of its natural moisture barrier, as they can trigger more oil production. Instead look for a gentle yet effective product like Amarānté Cleanse. Pair it with a facial brush like Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Brush if you wish to be more thorough without overdoing it. 

#2 Use an exfoliating toner

After washing your face, swipe an exfoliating toner across your face. It will help to rid your skin of any natural debris, stopping that build-up from expanding your pores. We love Rodan + Fields REVERSE Intensive Brightening Toner.

#3 Don’t squeeze your blackheads

This can stretch or damage the pore and make it more visible. No, thanks! Cleansing the skin properly is a much better option.

#4 Use skin regenerating and protecting ingredients in your routine

When skin ages, it loses elasticity, which results in pores increasing in size. To make your skin more resistant to this, keep it nourished and protected from the sun. Layer a serum with a moisturiser daily, (we love the lightweight yet hydrating pairing of em&mary Coastal Naturals Facial Serum and 26’ Deep Facial Moisturiser) followed by SPF, of course.

Add in a weekly firming face mask for good measure and you’ll be set. Our top pick? Bellamer Botanical Skin Care Renewing Face and Neck Mask. It smells like a spa and plumps like a dream, so you’ll have no trouble remembering to treat yourself with it on board. 

#5 Apply a skin-loving base

When it comes to your makeup base, choose a product that improve skin’s texture while providing coverage. Rageism Beauty All Day Foundation utilises glycerin and hyaluonic acid to draw in moisture and smooth the skin, while adding just the right amount of camouflage for natural-looking, radiant skin.

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*This article has been updated since its original publication.

Do you have large pores? How do you minimise the appearance of your pores?

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  1. I’m a big believer in cleansing, toning & exfoliation, & I thought I was doing a good job until I got a Skin Physics Dermasonic+ cleansing device. It’s a nubby silicon brush similar to a Foreo. My skin texture improved dramatically when I started using it.

    Also, rosehip oil. I’ve been using it regularly for a few years now & it’s made a huge difference! I don’t like the ones with additives, just regular, pure rosehip oil.

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