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I used to feel sorry for Baby Spice, I really did. Of all the Spice Girls she seemed to get the bum deal. Posh pouted hard enough to pull a face muscle, Ginger rocked every red hair hue imaginable, Scary experimented with clashing prints, and even Sporty teased us with glimpses of her athletic physique beneath all that Adidas. But Baby, well, she was the 20-something in pastels and pigtails.

Fast forward fifteen years and it’s a different story. Watching the fivesome perform at the London 2012 Olympics it was clear they’ve all truly come into their own. No longer do they hide behind the manufactured Spice personas they had in the 90s. They’ve embraced their own styles, know exactly what suits them, and, as a result, they look much better now than they did then. (Yes,  we’re looking at you, Baby Spice!)

So what is it, then, that makes these women look so good now they’ve left their 20s behind them? (Geri Halliwell hit 40 the other day and looks fabulous) Using the Spices as inspiration, we’ve taken a stab at bottling the essence of looking great well into your 30s, 40s and beyond. Here are our tips…

Don’t try to look like you’re in your 20s
Victoria Beckham had a different look almost every week in her 20s (remember THAT matching leather combo she and David wore? Or the lip ring?). Gone are the days of bleached blonde crops and out-there make-up. She tends to stick to the same palette of shades that suit her skin tone – and she has a subtle, yet distinctive style. Mature, yes, but incredibly flattering all the same.

Ditch the haircut you’ve had for a decade
As hard as it is to wrench yourself from the comfort blanket of the locks that you’ve nurtured for so long, being bold and going for the chop (be it a fringe or something more dramatic) can take years off.  Ask your hairdresser what they’d recommend for your face shape and don’t be frightened to play with colour to lift your look.

Exude the confidence that wisdom brings
If your 20s are all about experimenting with different make-up looks and clothes choices, the following decades are for putting what you learned in those years to good use. You now know whether you can pull off artistic eyeliner, a bold lip, or the latest updo – and which looks make you feel your best. Trust your beauty instincts and wear your hair and make-up with the confidence of a woman who knows she looks great.

Invest in your face
Instead of blowing your budget by impulse-buying every make-up shade that comes into fashion, try investing in the canvas rather than what you paint on it. Do your research, get your hands on as many samples as possible, and find a great anti-ageing skin care regime that suits your skin. Sometimes it’s worth investing in a cream that you know will work hard for you (and the chances are it will last you longer than you think). Unsure where to start your research? Take a peek at our most-reviewed anti-ageing products.

Do you think the Spice Girls look better now than they did in the 90s? Do you feel more confident about your appearance now than you did several years ago?

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