How to know if you’re turning into your mother


Do you ever worry you’re turning into your mother? I must admit, I don’t really, I more fear turning into my grandmother – as she was more the disciplinarian and the fussy, clean freak that wouldn’t let us eat our crumbly cake on the carpet when we were kids.

Many people’s mums seemed to be just like my gran. The nagging, clean freaks that possess certain qualities we swore we’d never adopt. Quite dramatic really, seeing as we all grow up to realise mothers aren’t all that bad. Still, we fear inheriting their traits – but we all seem to eventually, don’t we?

We asked the beautyheaven team and the beautyheaven members to tell us about the point that they realised they were turning into their mother…

#1: you’re wearing Chanel No.5

Such a sophisticated grown up scent! Something that only a distinguished mother would wear – at least that’s what bh member Lucrecia629 used to think, until she caught herself mid-spritz and thought to herself, ‘it’s happened, I’m old enough to appreciate how amazing this stuff is!’

#2: you’re mothering your boyfriend

If you catch yourself saying ‘honey, would you like the crusts on or off?’ like bh member MsSparkles, it’s time to stop! Your mum probably mothered your dad a little, as that’s what can happen when kids come along – but there’s plenty of time for you to start that later! Or not, actually – definitely don’t.

#3: you’re diligent in your skincare regimen

Gone are the days when you would flop onto your bed and leave your make-up on all night. These days, you take around 20 minutes to remove your make-up and apply your skincare, like bh member angiepangie84 after she grew up watching her own mum follow the same routine.

#4: you switched to an iconic product

bh’s Carli never used Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Cream when she was younger, she saw her mum using the stuff all the time and figured it was a product for people her mother’s age. Now, she slathers herself in it and even though it does make her feel like she’s turning into her mum, she just can’t stop.

#5: you’re more conscientious with your weekly wash

Never understood why your mum was so obsessed with doing a weekly wash? bh’s Annalise finally gets it. “Dirty pillowcases being a breeding ground for bacteria which in turn can lead to facial break-outs, so I wash my sheets every week – and I seriously feel like I understand my mum’s fixation now.”

#6: you’ve found odd uses for things

If you find yourself tending to your pimples with toothpaste, you (like bh’s Liz) may have finally worked out why your mum did the same thing whenever you had a blemish – even though you swore you’ve never turn to toothpaste.

#7: you stick with the one product

Ever stopped mid-moisturisation and realised you’ve been using the same product for as long as you can remember? That’s what happened to bh’s Marie. Her mum used Olay skincare for 20 years and Marie is currently celebrating her 10-year anniversary using the stuff – could they get any more alike?

#8: you’ve become environmentally mindful

Remember when you used to leave the water running without a care? Or turn on all of the lights in the house, even though you spent the whole night in just one room? bh’s Jess realised she was turning into her mother when she started going around the house and turning off all of the lights with irritation.

#9: waste not, want not

bh’s Laura knew she was becoming more like her mum when she started leaving half-eaten biscuits in the packet, “That was always my mum’s nod to dieting. Clearly a few hours later I’ll go back and eat the other half, but for those few hours I feel so virtuous!”

#10: coffee, coffee and more coffee

I never used to like the taste of coffee. Yuck! I used to think it would make me sick. My mum however, was a 3-a-day cappuccino kind of girl – and I’m a little ashamed to say that I have followed right in her footsteps. I just can’t function without the stuff!

What makes you think you might be turning into your mother?

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