How-to: Kate Middleton wedding make-up

How-to: Kate Middleton wedding make-up

Want to look gorgeous on your wedding day without breaking the budget? Then you need to make Kate Middleton your muse. As strange as it may seem to use the word ‘budget’ in conjunction with the potential future Queen of England, it’s a well-known fact that on the day of her royal wedding Kate decided not to use a make-up artist, and opted to DIY instead. Armed with a few essential Bobbi Brown beauty products, Kate created a timeless, fresh-faced look that made her seem every bit the gorgeous, blushing bride.

So perfect was her wedding day make-up, that Bobbi Brown herself had the following to say: “Catherine looked absolutely stunning…I wouldn’t have changed a thing about her make-up. She looked beautiful, fresh and most importantly, happy.”

Although it might not be the latest wedding day make-up look that we’ve come across, we think it’s one of the best we’ve seen in a long time – and something that definitely won’t date (you could even recreate Kate’s look for an occasion other than a wedding!) Here’s exactly how you can do it, courtesy of Bobbi Brown:

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