How-to: have healthy eyes

How-to: have healthy eyes

Often the first thing we notice when we meet somebody new, our eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. In Elizabethan times, women were so intent on using the powers of their peepers to entrance their suitors that they used drops of the Deadly Nightshade plant to enlarge their pupils, the drawback of this technique is that it was later discovered that Deadly Nightshade can cause blindness. Oopsey…

Decades on and eye care practices have changed (thank goodness!). With our modern understanding of eye health, it’s now easier than ever to get our eyes sparkling and, more importantly – maintain our vision! Here’s how…

Amino acids
Foods containing amino acids such as eggs and fish have been found to have a positive effect of the health of our retinas, which help us to see. Eating these foods regularly will support regeneration of visual system tissues.

Lutein can be found in spinach, corn and kale and it’s extremely useful in protecting the eyes against macular degeneration, so do as Popeye does and pile up on the green stuff.

Omega 3 fatty acids
Most commonly found in cold water fish such as tuna, salmon and mackerel, Omega 3 fatty acids are essential in maintaining good eye care health as they assist with nerve conduction in the retina (a fancy way of saying they help maintain our ability to see).

Found in chicken, barley, oysters, lamb and beef, zinc is an effective tool for fighting macular degeneration. Zinc supplements are also readily available from most supermarkets and chemists, so it’s now easier than ever to make sure you’re getting enough of this eye-improving vitamin.

Eye check-ups
A final note for maintaining good eye health: make sure you have regular eye check-ups with your doctor. It’s quick, easy and painless to do and it’s a great way of keeping your eye health in check.

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