Beauty-themed emojis are officially a thing

Beauty-themed emojis are officially a thing


With every Unicode Consortium emoji update we’ve prayed for more beauty emojis to be released and, every time, we’ve been sorely disappointed.

Sure, the lipstick and nail painting options are great, but you could be forgiven for thinking a dude designed the range ‘cause, hello? There’s more to a beauty bag than these two basic prods.

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For example, if you’ve ever tried to use emojis to signify eyeliner (resulting in some creepy AF eye ball + paintbrush combo, which looks more like a threat than anything else), you know better than anyone that the struggle is REAL. 

Well, good news! L’Oréal USA has answered your prayers and created an entire keyboard dedicated to beauty-themed emojis, called Beaumoji.

With 130 new characters, you can now send your bff an emoji of everything from your Urban Decay Naked Palette to your beloved Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb.

Did we mention it’s also FREE?

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Yep, the dark days are officially over.

There is one teeny, tiny catch… The app has only been released in ‘murica so far, but we’re confident Beaumoji’s gonna’ be such a massive success it will be on our phones before you can say ‘Lip Kit Emoji’.

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