Getting flawless skin has never been so easy


Three years ago, the secret to getting flawless-looking skin was – quite literally – bottled and sold to the masses.

Adored by the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, her sister Pippa Middleton, and the flawless Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, and Lupita Nyong’o, Lancôme Visionnaire became a staple for women around the world to achieve gorgeous, clear skin.

The original Lancôme Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector formulation was a one-of-a-kind product with 12 years of research behind it and more than 100 international awards to its name. The key behind its success was the inclusion of molecules called jasmonates in the formula, which work to correct skin imperfections.

Today, the Lancôme Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector has been reborn and reformulated with an exclusive double-jasmonate complex, which is even more effective in repairing the skin while stimulating cell renewal. Along with this advanced technology, the serum also features lightweight nourishing and hydrating oils, and optical agents for an instant skin-perfecting effect.

After application, the serum sinks evenly into the skin for a smooth finish, and leaves a blurring effect, thanks to the inclusion of silica. Over time, the serum helps to improve the appearance of your skin by smoothing wrinkles and refining texture, shrinking pores and reducing imperfections.

This reformulated wonder gets results fast. After using just one bottle, an impressive 79 per cent of women said wrinkles were smoothed, 83 per cent said pores were less visible, 79 per cent said imperfections were reduced, and 84 per cent said their  skin’s texture was refined.

Lancôme Visionnaire’s next-generation serum ticks all the boxes for helping women achieve a flawless-looking complexion – and hey, if it’s good enough for Kate…

Would you like to have flawless skin like Kate Middleton? Do you like the sound of the new Lancôme Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector?

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